Of Course: The Pandemic Has Raised Trump’s Poll Numbers, Democrats Say It Won’t Last

President Trump will go down as one of the most transparent Presidents in history.  Democrats do not like all that the President is doing to inform the American people because it leaves them vulnerable to their hidden agendas.  As President Trump delivers his press conference with his task force team, he continues to expose what the Left is doing.  He doesn’t have to work very hard in exposing them since they do it themselves.  This has skyrocketed the numbers in support of President Trump.

Since Democrats care nothing for America, they are telling the press, the numbers will not last.  Do they really think their forgetful frontrunner Joe Biden can beat Donald Trump in an election?  He wouldn’t be able to get past the first debate.

This is how former Vice President Joe Biden responded to a question on “This Week.”  He was asked about COVID-19, and he replied, “We cannot let this, we’ve never allowed any crisis from the Civil War straight through the pandemic of 17, all the way around 16, we have never, never let our democracy sakes second fiddle, way they, we can both have a democracy and… correct public health.”

Did anyone understand any of that mumbo jumbo?  This is what the Democrats have to debate with President Trump in the 2020 election?  Now we can see why he is not allowed in public.  This is also why President Trump’s numbers skyrocketed in the polls once Bernie Sanders dropped out of the Democratic Primaries.

Perhaps people are starting to see what is going on.  Despite the drastic dip in the economy, it seems more people realize President Trump has what it takes to bring us back on top.

Many polls give inaccurate information, but the trustworthy ones have asked the question, “Who do you think will win the 2020 election if it is President Donald Trump versus former Vice President Joe Biden?”  The numbers came in at 50 percent for Trump and 40 percent for Biden.

We can be sure the more publicity Biden gets, the more his ratings will drop.  As President Trump continues to fill the public in on all that is happening, he is still working to fix the problems in this country.  His track record speaks for itself, and the Democrats hate him for it.

Just over the last two weeks, Trump’s numbers grew seven percent in the polls.  Many people see it has to do with the strenuous efforts Trump puts forth even while he is harshly criticized by the media and the Left.

The head of political markets Sarbjit Bakhshi analyzed the statistics and released this statement, “Right across the world, there’s been a boost for every incumbent President or Prime Minister dealing with this crisis. And this normally [holds steady] for two or three weeks as they seem to take action and deal with something that’s really on people’s minds.”

Bakhshi added, “But then what unfolds in the next few weeks, generally, is a drop-off in approval ratings for the candidate.”

These are his words, but they do not project the reality of President Trump.  He has clearly defied all odds set against him.  Everything the Left said would not work, Trump took it and made miracles happen.  This will be no different.

People elected Donald Trump to the presidency to put America back on top.  American citizens were tired of being placed second in line to illegal immigrants, lazy bums who live off of welfare and food stamps, and wealthy politicians who have no feeling toward the hard-working people who are the backbone of this great nation.

As for the Left, all we have to be concerned about is what Bakhshi said about Kamala Harris.  “Kamala Harris is the one to beat at the moment.  She’s 32 percent over other competitors. It’s hard at this point to see how anyone could challenge her.”  There is still Harris and a few others who are still in the primary, but for now, Biden remains the frontman.

Either way, no one in the Democrat Party can touch what Trump has done for this country.  He is still pulling out the weeds as we move along to the brighter days when this pandemic will be over.

Democrats can say all they want about Trump’s ratings going down in the polls.  The stock market is steadily rising, which brings forth light to the end of the tunnel.  Have faith!