Omar Beat Up by Trump on Her Own Turf

President Trump is the master of the political game. He is in control of the Democratic loony left and there is nothing they can do about it. Ilhan Omar is still his favorite target to destroy.

Ilhan Omar has been public enemy number one as she has repeatedly used hate speech against Israel and has openly defied the freedoms that define America. President Trump put Ilhan Omar in her place and even chewed out her followers for voting for her.

At a rally in Minnesota, the popular president did not hold back as he went after stupid Omar. The repeated attacks have just thrown Omar for a loop as President Trump spoke.

He stated “You know, I know you people. I know you people. I know the people of Minnesota. I want to tell you — and I also at the same time, it’s both a question and a statement, how the hell did that ever happen? How did it happen? How does it happen? Congresswoman Omar is an America-hating socialist. She minimized the Sept. 11 attack on our homeland.”

His statement is spot on as Omar herself praises terrorists and approves of their actions against the free nations of the world. Omar is a refugee from Somalia. She was granted entrance into America by the very people that she now hates and seeks to undermine.

The president sent after the crowd and questioned them as to why they allowed such an abomination to be elected to Congress. He eluded that the people of Minnesota were smarter than what they appear to be.

Owning up to their mistake of voting for her the crowd started booing against her. Omar is very much anti-Israel. She has accused many politicians of loving Israel as much as or more than America.

That statement alone is a contradiction as she hates both America and Israel. Omar would rather like to see an Islamic America where the Islamic terrorist rule and the freedom-seeking people are killed or oppressed.

President’s Trump speech was spectacular has he went on to say “How do you have such a person representing you in Minnesota? I’m very angry at you people right now. She is a disgrace to our country, and she is one of the big reasons that I’m going to win and the Republican is going to win Minnesota in 13 months.”

The very blue state is very tired of Omar. She has become an embarrassment to the people that she represents. They are ready for a change after only two years.

Trump also revealed “She said the US support for Israel is all about the Benjamins. She said that pro-Israeli lawmakers have an allegiance to a foreign country. Omar wrote, ‘Israel has hypnotized the world. May Allah awaken the people and help them to see the evil doings of Israel and the US.’”

Her statement alone proves that she believes America and Israel are the true enemies of the world. Omar has the option of moving out of the country that she hates so much.

Omar, of course, went on the defensive and started saying that such words were racist and full of lies. She accuses the president of using words of fear. But nowhere does the world see that the president is afraid of Omar or what she represents.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The president has a lot of fun making fun of the foolishness of Omar and the childlike actions that she likes to use.

The center where the rally was held was able to hold 20,000 people. There were so many people that the center could not hold any more people. The event was simply sold out. President Trump drew such a large crowd that there were people that wanted to go, and they could not get in.

The people of Minnesota are sick and tired of Omar, and they are ready for a change. President Trump is confident that the blue state will be red once again in 2020 because Ilhan Omar has effectively destroyed the Democratic presence in the state.