Omar’s Divorce Drama Just Turned Scandalous

Democratic House Representative Ilhan Omar isn’t particularly known for avoiding trouble or drama. Her anti-Semitic association with AOC and the other “squad” members is proof enough of that. However, recent news of her love life/marital status shows us that not only is she ok with controversy, but she has no morals whatsoever.

The allegations this time are that the Minnesota lawmaker, who is said to be in the middle of a divorce, has had an affair with a married man whose business works closely with Omar’s campaign. Also, this man’s company has received a hefty amount of questionable payments since the alleged affair began.

Of course, Omar denies these allegations. But the proof is hard to deny, especially in light of her past record of marriage failures.

So let’s start at the beginning.

Omar is currently married to Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi. But they were not always legally together. According to her, they were married according to the traditions of their Islamic faith and had several children together. And while they were never legally married, they filed as such to receive marriage tax benefits.

During her election campaign in 2018, allegations of being married to her biological brother surfaced. As disgusting as the idea is, the Somalian-born woman was found to be married to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, her alleged brother so that he could gain citizenship in America. If such accusations are true, Omar would be guilty of marriage, immigration, and tax fraud.

While not denying being married to Elmi, Omar does deny that he is her brother and citizenship was involved.

But her story doesn’t add up. Firstly, she has not been able to offer any proof that contradicts the accusations. And what has been submitted only furthers the possibility of her illegal behaviors.

Official tax documents prove that she was legally married to Elmi. Although, the address reported as her residence was not the same as his.

If they were married, why were they not living together?

To complicate the issue, the address that was listed on Omar’s tax documents was the same as Hirsi’s, the father of her children.

Thus, she was married to one man while living with another. Then quite suddenly, she divorced her supposed brother after only being married for a short time and legally married her baby daddy, Hirsi.

Seems a little fishy if you ask me, especially for a devout Muslim woman.

But it gets worse.

Early this year, news that Hirsi and Omar were separated began to filter in. Uncoincidentally, Dr. Beth Mynett filed for a divorce as well. According to the divorce papers, Dr. Mynett claims that her husband was having an extramarital affair with Ilhan Omar.

Tim Mynett, according to the filing, admitted to his wife that he was having an affair with the congresswoman and even said that he was in love with her. Apparently, the two had been seeing each other since April, which was around the time of Omar’s separation from her husband.

As you well know, extramarital affairs are nothing new to Congress. Neither are they illegal, as Bill Clinton proved. However, it is a little surprising that a woman of the Muslim faith, one hell-bent on pursuing the cause of eradicating Jews in the name of that faith, would engage in activity so damning. In her homeland of Somalia and several other nations around the globe, adultery, especially committed by a woman, is an offense punishable by death.

Moreover, Omar seems to be paying for the affair.

Mynett’s consulting firm has worked closely with Omar’s campaign for some time and is how they met. As with any company working for a campaign, his firm was paid itemized payments labeled as campaign consulting.

However, in April, when the affair began, the usual payments changed. Firstly, they were no longer itemized. They were also earmarked as travel expenses and increased drastically. It has been noted that Omar has paid Mynett’s firm nearly $250,000 this year.

Now, it’s legal to pay for travel expenses, but they have to be itemized. Furthermore, while Mynett claims that traveling with Omar was for personal reasons as opposed to business, tax filings show the payee for the travel funds to be Mynett’s firm and not himself.

So things aren’t adding up, and the Federal Election Commission (FEC) is starting to ask questions.

Between going through a divorce, avoiding her brother issues, and furthering her anti-Semitic causes, it seems she wouldn’t have time to begin an affair and commit even more illegal activities.