One by One Rude Biden Continues to Alienate Voter Bases!

It began with his alienation of women, it has continued to be an assault on sensible people, and most recently as one story reported, it seems Joe Biden has even taken a swipe at black voters. Well, maybe?

According to that story, during a virtual interview, Biden made a couple of statements that left more than a few people somewhere between shocked and offended. And it might also unwittingly be another step by the former Vice President and presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, toward alienating himself from yet another voter base.

It also, in his unique Biden way, left many of us honestly uncertain about what precisely the message was supposed to mean. What is certain, is that it was a racially charged comment, even despite the lack of clarity in the intent.

In that interview, one that the aforementioned story said, “…a staffer interrupted the conversation, trying to cut off the interview” Biden made a statement specifically about black voters. In the Biden Team’s defense, they attempted to head their wayward candidate off at the pass on more than one occasion.

Almost immediately following his team’s efforts to stop the inevitable from happening, the inevitable happened… and Biden spoke. And he said, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Did you hear the pin drop in the room? It must be exhausting, being a member of Joe Biden’s campaign staff, and it is definitely a full-time job! This latest racially-lit statement comes at a very bad time for team Biden too.

When the Biden camp isn’t brushing aside or burying his incoherent, indecipherable, and unintelligible messages, they are putting out fires linked to his son. They are running with ladders to rescue Hunter Biden from a burning building or extinguishing Ukraine connections.

These types of fires, however, can be more easily dealt with because they aren’t personal. These aren’t the kind of issues that strike the heart of voters or hit home with voter bases.

Now, issues like that ever-growing noise surrounding the allegations of sexual assault, those hit home. Women from every walk and from every corner of the country can relate to those stories. And these allegations come on the heels of the much-discussed and well-documented behavior of Joe Biden around women and young girls.

So, let’s see, that is women voters – check. Parents of young children and young girls – check. And people who care about the abuse of women – check. Those are some rather larger voter bases to be creating questions with, voter bases that no Presidential candidate can afford to alienate.

It must be exhausting, being a member of Joe Biden’s campaign staff.

Wait, we almost forgot, because “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” Oh yes, black voters – check. And don’t think that this statement went unnoticed. As yet another story picking up on this statement shared, the Twitterverse had much to say.

And it was personal:

‘“You ain’t black” will never bang coming from a white man’s mouth. Soz. I know your forefathers decided on the racial categories but you really have a nerve whether in jest or not.’

And it was angry:

Wow. This is one of the most condescending interviews I’ve seen. Early on the interview @cthagod asks Biden about Blacks feeling Democrats take their votes for granted and it ends with Biden shouting about how if Blacks don’t vote for him they “ain’t black.”‘

And it was honest:

‘Joe Biden looked a black man in the eyes today & said that he didn’t need to worry about black media because of a black person has to decide between voting Biden or Trump then they aren’t black. This is the most racist thing I’ve ever heard out of a Presidential candidate.’

The Biden team will be putting in overtime this week!

Now, who’s left? We don’t think we have heard the former Vice President insult or demean the wealthy, the unborn, or the dead… yet. One by one, Joe Biden is working to alienate himself from every voter base he can.