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Poll: Are Demographic Changes Destroying American Culture?

Poll: Are Demographic Changes Destroying American Culture?

Here’s the Background Story: America is a nation of immigrants. Our society was founded on Christian values and a reverence for personal liberty. In fact, due to its history, America has earned a reputation for being a “melting pot of cultures and populations.” However, a clear shift in America’s demographics is occurring before our eyes. […]

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Unjustly Convicted Soldier Pardoned by Trump

In August 2013, Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance was convicted of second-degree murder. He ordered soldiers under his command to open fire on three men in Kandahar Province Afghanistan in July 2012. The result was a 19-year sentence in a military prison. On Friday, Nov. 15th, President Trump pardoned him and ordered him released from […]

Epstein Guards Charged in Connection With His “Suicide”

Epstein Guards Charged in Connection With His "Suicide"

The two guards who were supposed to be watching Jeffrey Epstein the night he died were charged on Tuesday with counts of filing false records and conspiracy. Tova Noel and Michael Thomas plead not guilty and were both released on a $100,000 bond. Epstein was found dead three months ago at the Metropolitan Correctional Center […]

Obama/Democrats Fear They Can’t Beat Trump

Obama/Democrats Fear They Can't Beat Trump

Democrats are beginning to express concern that the current crop of candidates cannot beat President Trump in 2020. As less supported candidates drop out, new ones are entering the Democratic field at an unusually late date. In the last two weeks, Former New York City Mayor Micheal Bloomberg has signaled he is probably entering the […]


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