Palestinians Have Lost Respect by Rejecting Peace Plan

The Palestinian leaders are selfish people that want nothing more than to see Israel wiped off the face of the planet. They claim to be a nation of people seeking to find their place, but they are rather a terrorist group trying to make people believe that they have an identity as a country, so they can continue to operate as a terrorist cell.

Many people have tried to establish some kind of lasting peace in the Middle East. But with many of those they were accepted for a short time. This time, The Palestinians outright rejected the plan.

The Palestinians hate the Jewish people. They would rather bomb Israel off the face of the planet rather than live by them. The age-old hatred for them continues to fuel the violence that they have towards the Jews. The Palestinians have shown that they have no respect or value of life when it comes to developing relationships with the Jewish people.

Jared Kushner first proposed a deal that would have given peace to the region. But it did not take long for the Palestinian leader to lie about not being included in the plan for peace. Jared Kushner has stated that he met four different times with their leader. And because of their lies, they have lost credibility with everyone to even be thought of as reliable people.

The Palestinian people cried for years to be taken seriously as a nation. Before that, they were seen as a bunch of crybabies whining about the way they were being treated. But since that time, they have told everyone that they are a nation of people, but they give no reason to believe their statements. There is not a nation around that would take them at their word at this point. With every peace treaty in the past, it was the Palestinian people that attacked first and broke the truce.

Jared Kushner met with their leaders on four different occasions. He alluded to the fact that they wanted Kushner to give them what they wanted in exchange for them coming to the meeting. But Kushner would reply “that’s not how this administration handles their policy.” The Palestinians are like every other group of terrorists. They want what they cannot have in exchange for them to talk.

Kushner pointed out that “I think it’s more their problem that they’ve been unwilling to engage and I think they’ve discredited themselves largely at least with their peers. Some are willing to say it publicly, some are not, but privately they’ve lost a lot of credibility with the way they’ve handled this and I think they’ve done a tremendous disservice to the Palestinian people.”

The leaders of any nation have to be reliable. They can’t just run around and say things and not do them. They cannot make false statements and expect to be taken seriously from that time forward. Maybe this is why no one takes the Democrats seriously anymore. They have lied to the American people many times.

The Palestinians have always been people that look for the easy way of doing things. Kushner’s plan calls for a two-state solution. This enables the Palestinians to form themselves into a nation. But they must meet certain checkpoints. But they are unwilling to do what is necessary to have their own country. No one is going to take them seriously unless they are willing to do their part.

The United States has always been a friend to the Jewish people. America is their strongest ally. President Trump went on record to declare and recognize Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel. Even when 14 other nations of the U.N. Security Council voted against the idea. Americans would stand alone.

The peace treaty being proposed has the best interests in mind for the Palestinians as well. Their refusal to play ball is because they want the destruction of Israel. Nothing short of their deaths will be good enough. This is why they do not take peace seriously with Israel.