Pelosi Pushed Into Impeachment Inquiry; What Does it Mean?

For weeks since the impeachment inquiry was started against President Donald Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said that there is no need to put the process to a vote. And for weeks Republicans have fought for such a vote.

Now, finally, Pelosi has announced there is to be one. And it is scheduled for Thursday, October 31st.

The announcement was included in a letter addressed “Dear Democratic Colleague,” which may indicate just how not “bipartisan” the whole idea is, to begin with.

It said, “For weeks, the President, his Counsel in the White House, and his allies in Congress have made the baseless claim that the House of Representatives’ impeachment inquiry ‘lacks the necessary authorization for a valid impeachment proceeding.’”

And she continued, “They argue that, because the House has not taken a vote, they may simply pretend the impeachment inquiry does not exist. This argument has no merit.”

However, many have called the proceedings into question, as nearly all precedence set from prior impeachment cases have been abandoned, as well as no vote being taken.

For instance, on Fox News last week, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich made a point to note this exact fact, explaining that all past impeachment proceedings had included a vote from the House as a body before being allowed to continue forward.

But Pelosi has pushed back at every turn, even claiming that the Constitution didn’t say she had to take one.

According to her, “There is no requirement under the Constitution, House Rules or House precedent that the House has to take a vote before proceeding with an impeachment inquiry.” She said, “The Committees of the House now have robust authority under the House’s existing rules to conduct investigations for all matters with their jurisdiction, including impeachment investigations.”

This was said a mere two weeks ago, making it clear she and her progressive sidekicks had no intention of taking a vote on the matter.

The fact that she has now changed her mind signifies just how much pressure is being put on her and her cohorts to legitimize this coup attempt.

But that isn’t what she claims is the reason, at least not entirely. She said on Monday after the announcement, “We are taking this step to eliminate any doubt as to whether the Trump administration may withhold documents, prevent witness testimony, disregard duly authorized subpoenas, or continue obstructing the House of Representatives.”

Now, if it were me, and I was leading an investigation, especially one of this magnitude, I would want everyone and their mother to know that the case was legitimate. I would make it official as soon as possible and make sure every “I” was dotted and every “t” crossed.

Then again, I would also want to complete that investigation in a way that proclaims there is nothing fishy going on so no one could ask questions about my information or how I got it. It would be as open-door as possible. Anything else suggests that I might have ulterior motives about why the investigation is even being taken up.

Apparently, Pelosi and the Democrats don’t feel the need to do so. They would instead continue with their suspicious ways and sneaky routines than just come out and say what they are doing.

And just to be clear, just about everything about this case so far speaks of questionable intent on the part of the Committees involved, which by the way, are made up of primarily Democratic congress members. Talk about bias.

And the Trump White House spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, agrees. In her statement to Fox News she said, “We won’t be able to comment fully until we see the actual text but Speaker Pelosi is finally admitting what the rest of America already knew – that Democrats were conduction an unauthorized impeachment proceeding, refusing to give the President due process, and their secret, shady, closed-door depositions are completely and irreversibly illegitimate.”

However, the vote won’t change much. It’s not a vote for impeachment. It simply asks whether the investigation should continue. And we are pretty sure we already know the answer. Pelosi has made it clear that she only puts things to a vote when she is confident of a specific outcome, and typically one that favors her. And as Breitbart has reported, 231 House Democrats have already expressed support of the impeachment inquiry, which is just enough to make sure the House majority of 218 is exceeded.

This only proves Pelosi is being pushed.