Pence Honors Troops with a Surprise Visit in Iraq

This Saturday Vice President Mike Pence embarked on a surprise visit to the troops in Iraq and to assure the Kurds the continued support of the United States. This visit is the highest-level visit to Iraq since President Trump ordered US troops to pull back in Syria.

To preserve the secrecy of the trip the Vice President decided to fly in on a C17 military cargo jet rather than the regular Airforce 2, a modified comfortable Boing 757. Pence landed in the city of Erbil for a scheduled meeting with Nechirvan Barzani, the Iraqi Kurdistan President.

Vice President Mike Pence was attempting to reassure the Kurdish allies in Syria in their fight against ISIS. Many Kurdish fighters were reported to have died during the Turkish assault in Northern Syria.

Prior to his meeting with Iraqi Kurdish president Mike Pence received a classified briefing at Al-Asad Air Base in Iraq. The same base the United States launched its historic attack against the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

Al-Baghdadi cowardly blew himself up together with 2 of his children after he was cornered by US Special forces and a brave military dog. Pence also spoke on the phone with Adil Abdul Mahdi, the Iraqi Prime Minister.

This marks Pence’s second trip to the embattled region in just 5 weeks. President Trump dispatched the Vice President 5 weeks ago to Ankara, Turkey, in the aftermath of the President’s decision to pull a handful of US forces out of the devastating Turkish onslaught.

While the vast majority of Americans agree with the President’s decision to protect US forces, Trump drew almost unified criticism by lawmakers of both sides. The lawmakers argued that President Trump was in effect abandoning long-standing Kurdish allies in the fight against ISIS and allowing Russia and Iran to solidify their influence in Syria.

Vice President Pence emphasized “the opportunity on behalf of President Donald Trump to reiterate the strong bonds forged in the fires of war between the people of the United States and the Kurdish people across this region.”

The visit’s goal was to comfort Iraqi Kurds who remain US allies in the fight against ISIS and Americans who support the Kurdish cause. Pence confirmed that the US and the Trump administration remain strong supporters of the alliance.

Another goal of the visit was to show American voters that despite a Democratic onslaught against the President’s foreign policy amidst the ridiculous Ukraine Hoax, the administration is committed to following through on the foreign policy ideas that got President Trump elected.

As a result of the withdrawal of US Forces prior to the Turkish attacks, Syria’s Kurds had no choice but to make a deal with the devil – Russians and Syrian government forces. The cease-fire agreement reached in Ankara requires Kurdish forces to leave a so-called “safe zone” along the Syrian Turkish border and allow Russian troops as well as Syrian Government Forces to help secure the safe zone.

At the time Pence hailed the agreement as the best way to prevent further slaughter of Kurdish forces by Turkish troops. Ankara insists that all Kurds are terrorists and has warned the World that Turkey would destroy any Kurdish forces that chose to remain in Northern Syria.

In return for the cease-fire, the US halted devastating US sanctions against Turkey and assured Turkey that there won’t be any long-term consequences for Turkey’s actions as long as they agree to hold steady on the cease-fire.

Turkish President Erdogan visited Washington DC on November 13th for a much-coveted White House meeting with the President. Predictably, the Washington swamp and other warmongers criticized the President for apparently rewarding the Turkish assault on Northern Syria.

The swamp argued that Erdogan should have been denied the honor of a White House meeting in the aftermath of Turkey’s attack on Syria and because of Turkey’s decision to purchase Russian built surface-to-air missiles despite widespread condemnation of NATO allies.

Barzani expressed his thanks for the US military support in the essential fight against ISIS. He emphasized that a “visit at this particular time is an important indication of your continued support to Kurdistan and Iraq.”

While President Trump originally announced the near-complete withdrawal of US troops from Syria in the days before the Turkish attack, he later decided to deploy 800 troops to Eastern Syria’s oilfields, in apparent attempt to protect the regions oil supply amidst a devastating Iranian attack and Saudi Arabia’s oil fields just days earlier.