PROOF: Defunding of Police Kills People

What is being called critics are actually Democrats and liberals voicing their hatred for the very people that keep law and order in their communities.

Law enforcement all over the country is at the mercy of the so-called critics as they try and force the defunding of police departments in major cities around the nation. The very thing they are asking for will eventually come back and haunt them as criminals would soon take over because there would be no one to stand in their way.

Defunding the police is only going to bring more crime to areas that are struggling to keep up. The city of Detroit is the perfect example of what will happen if the Democrats are able to bully their agenda to strip the funds from law enforcement agencies. The crime rate in Detroit has risen substantially since their liberal leadership decided to pull back on funding the police.

In 2014 the city went through a major bankrupt moment. In a moment of desperation, the city defunded the police to save money. They stripped away 20 percent of the police department’s budget.

For six long years, men and women have been underpaid at $40,000 per year. This is not even enough to support a family. Since the police officers received a 10 percent cut to their pay, they have never seen it brought back up. The Democrats were content to keep them from being able to do their job effectively.

Retired police officers also felt the sting as they would lose health benefits and watch their pension payments stop. The Democrats found a way to crush enforcers of the law and they were more than happy to do it. Democrats will do anything to be able to hide their criminal ways even if that means taking money from departments that need it to serve the public.

The selfish people that support the defunding of the police are quick to say that it is not about taking all of their money. It is about pushing people to realize that there needs to be something done to improve the way people live.

It is not the government’s responsibility to improve living conditions for lazy people. They can get up off the couch and work hard to improve their condition. No one is forcing lazy people to lay around and suffer because they refuse to work. That is a decision that they make themselves. The problem is that the uncaring Democrats make it easy for people to be lazy.

Areas of the country that have well-funded police departments are safe and happy places to live. But as Rochelle Jones states “We don’t have enough police as it is. People are acting the fool out here, and now you know the police aren’t going to be coming around this summer with all that’s going on. So what are the children supposed to do.”

Jones is a mother of two that has to be on guard to protect her family because there are not enough officers to help keep her community safe any longer.

The young people in Detroit are paying with their lives. In the past 80 days of lockdowns, there were 18 kids shot in the city. As of right now, there have been 100 murders which is a 25 percent increase in the past year.

All because the Democrats push to take the funding away from the police force. Residents of Detroit have to deal with high crime as part of their everyday life in the city. Crime will continue to rise the more the Democrats stop the police from doing their job.

Every city in the country will have the same experience the more the scale back their police force. The most vulnerable people will be the targets of the criminals since they are the easiest to abuse.

The Democrats continue to show that they do not care about the people of America. They only care about illegals, criminals, and crime bosses. They want to make it possible for these groups to abuse the American people whenever they want. To be a Democrat in America is to hate the freedoms that people have given their lives to protect.