Reporter Gets Soda Popped in Meeting

A meeting in Chattooga County, Georgia, turned sour as the county commissioner’s wife did the unthinkable.  Before the meeting started, a reporter present at the conference received a gift of unappreciation from the commissioner’s wife as she dumped her soda over the reporter’s head, leaving her drenched.

The funny thing was not how the reporter was soaked in the beverage; it was how everyone in the room supported the commissioner’s wife.  Naturally, the incident went viral as the actions and words were caught on camera.  This act shows America how much we all feel about the press and “fake news.”

When Chattooga County Sole Commissioner Jason Winters’ wife, Abbey Winters, poured her drink over the reporter’s head, the room went silent with shock.  The commissioner mumbled, “Oh, God,” and someone else said, “There you go.  I’m sick of it.”  Winters then nodded with approval at what his wife did.  A taxpayer who was in the room yelled out, “Oh, that’s classy!”

Reports stated the incident was unprovoked when Mrs. Winters did the shocking act, and she was charged with simple battery and disorderly conduct in the soda attack.  The reporter, Casie Bryant, from AllOnGeorgia, just sat at the table quietly after Mrs. Winters said: “You deserve that.”  Bryant calmly left the room as Winters’ beverage streamed down her head onto her clothes.

Abbey Winters’ attorney did not give an immediate response, and neither did Commissioner Jason Winters.  The police report has the incident as being an “accident.”  Winters told Summerville, Georgia Police she, “accidentally poured the drink on Bryant’s head after stumbling/tripping near her.”  The commissioner also stated in the police report the incident was an accident.  He also said, “Bryant deserved what happened to her.”

Bryant was embarrassed and did not issue any comments but the owner of AllOnGeorgia, Delvis Dutton told news reporters, “What happened at the budget meeting [Friday] was completely inappropriate, and I’m disappointed to see not only the behavior of those involved but the excuses made for the behavior after the fact.  The media plays an integral role in ensuring transparency, and these types of antics are dangerous to open government and a disservice to the people it serves.”

Reporters across America have found themselves in quite a bit of trouble since President Trump has exposed the media for what they indeed are.  Hostility from the public, criminal investigations, and threatening arrest have found its way to reporters who continually report “fake news” and harass the public.

In Wisconsin, a reporter was threatened to be arrested for “failure to print a government news release word-for-word.”  After the article was published, the reporter rescinded the report.  In Oregon, a reporter is facing criminal investigation for harassing county employees.  The reporter is allegedly calling them on their personal cellphones.  Fifty-five reporters have been mauled while on the job coverage of protests since 2017.  Most have the task of reporting leftist news and end up on the receiving end of attacks because of it.

For the Bryant case, the only story which could have led to the soda attack was a post on Facebook which was shared and captioned from The Washington Post, where Bryant stated, “Fresh off his trip to Paris, he’s ready to talk about the budget to the PUBLIC.”  This was based on Bryant’s opinion and was spread by rumors only.

A reporter from Summerville, Jason Espy, told WTVC, “I don’t know of a single commission, municipality, or board of education, probably nationwide, that is immune to rumors about financial impropriety.”  Espy stated, there was no evidence to show the rumors to be true.  Most believe it was this story that triggered the resentful feelings with the commissioner and his wife.

One person who felt they were in the wrong wanted an investigation to take place is a high school teacher, Paula Arden.  She said, “After all, he has NOT done for our county, I find it ridiculous that he can afford fancy trips.”  The public must realize if he used his own money, that is his business what he and his wife do with their time away from the office.

The police report concluded with this statement, “Victim further stated that for a few moments after the drink was poured on her, she was just in shock and that she recalled someone stating that the drink looked good on her.”

Abbey Winters did take the legal responsibility and turned herself in to authorities and was released on 1,520 property bond.