Reports Are in – Merry Christmas in This Economy?

The economy of the United States is on the rise and there does not seem to be anything that can stop it on the horizon. Much of the growth that the nation has been experiencing is directly from the things that the president has done in the past three years.

Job growth has gone up the most in the past 10 months because the healthcare industry has taken off. General Motors has returned to work which is also a strong indicator that the economy is still booming. The economy will not be stalling anytime shortly.

Not only is the economy on the rise but unemployment has gone done to the lowest numbers in the past 50 years. Wages are up and the largest economic expansion is taking place. For the past 11 years, things have been going in the right direction.

When outrageous Obama left office the economy was starting to worsen. But President Trump stepped in and put things in motion to improve what Obama was trying to ruin.

Obama put regulations in place that started to strangle the economy. President Trump repealed much of what the idiotic Obama entangled the country with. The strong economy is a sure way that the president will win the election in 2020.

Chris Low who is the chief economist at FHN has stated that “This was a strong report, with a solid rise in payrolls, another drop in the unemployment rate, and decent growth in hourly earnings. The Fed will see this as a clear vindication of their decision to stop cutting rates.”

The Federal Reserve has nervously cut rates several times because they believe that the growth is going to stop. President Trump has told the Federal Reserve to consider leaving the rates alone.

Wages have increased and the number of new jobs has only increased. Even within the manufacturing industry the positions that have been lost over the years have all been recouped. Many factors lead to the economy diving but that is not the case

The tax cuts and the deregulation of certain rules on industry have only fueled the increase in every sector within the economy. Wage increase has led to record job growth since the beginning of 2019.

All the estimates that have been put out by the experts have been surpassed and put to shame. President Trump has certainly done the impossible to make the country greater than it has ever been for the past three years.

Some experts believe that this will give the president more time to work out a deal with China. One expert stated that “The report alleviates pressure on the Trump administration to make a trade deal with China, giving negotiators more leverage to push for a harder line.”

The tariff war between the two nations has only weakened China but has not affected the United States. These events are only making President Trump’s hand stronger as he moves to work out the next deal.

Another expert has stated that “While this morning’s reading is a definite improvement, it does little to explain waning momentum over the past ten months. It remains to be seen if such strength signals a turning point to more robust hiring patterns.”

The more money that companies have will only fuel their desire to expand and hire more people. Leave the money in the hands of the people and things only grow.

The number of new jobs continues to hit six figures every month. There are so many jobs needing to be filled that companies are having to get creative to attract people to the openings. President Trump is working to motivate people to start working and making their lives better by motivating them to take responsibility for feeding their own families.

Everything that he has done has been in fulfillment of his promises to make the nation great and see to it that profit and growth continue to be a reality for every citizen. President Trump has put things in motion that allows the economy to grow for many years to come.