Republican Voters Are Pressing GOP Governors to Reopen States

Republican voters took a poll, and they are in sync with President Trump and GOP governors who are ready to reopen the states. This madness has gone on for long enough. Everyone is seeing this coronavirus was not as bad as the media, and the Left made it out to be.

At the beginning of last month, more than half of Republicans were more concerned with the health and well being of people rather than the economy. Today, three out of five say it’s time to worry about the economy because the virus was nowhere near like the predictions.

A drop of 13 percent fell from last month about those who are concerned about their health. We have all been saying the flu happens every year, and it kills more people. It is understandable that since the virus outbreak was new and there was no information coming from the source of its origination, China, people panicked.

The media and the deep state made this out to be the plague that would wipe out humanity. People are waking up to the fact, they want to go back to work and get back to everyday living. Those with small businesses are suffering heavy losses. People are angry at how this all played out and how some governors refuse to open up their states.

This was the worst feeling of house arrest we the American people have ever felt. It wouldn’t be so bad if the fears would have been legit. Only the elderly and those with health risks were prone to the worst suffering and death and needed the most care.

For the most part, America did an excellent job, thanks to our great President and his team. They kept our borders closed and contained the virus to their best abilities. President Trump did the smartest thing by putting the governors in charge of their own states, and now everyone sees who the “invisible enemies” are.

President Trump and GOP governors have the Republican voters’ support and green light to say we are ready to reopen our nation. Everyone on the GOP side is all on the same page, and precautions will be taken to continue to keep the virus on the downward spiral.

Overall, out of all the voters, 56 percent say they are concerned about their health more than the economy. Yes, we do need and care about our health, but we also realize we cannot stay shutdown. Out of the 56 percent, most of them are Democrats.

Everyone is waking up to the fact that this is more of a political scheme by the Democrats because those states which have already opened up are seeing a decline in their cases of COVID-19. It is time to continue on the path to taking our country back because Democrats want us to live in fear so they can control us. It is all about control!

Tyler Sinclair, vice president at Morning Consult, stated, “As Congress reconvenes, a sharp political divide continues, as Republicans are increasingly more concerned with the pandemic’s economic impact, though a plurality of voters feel the country is reopening too quickly.”

A couple of states took the lead rope and opened up aggressively like Texas’ Governor Greg Abbott and Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp. They set the bar and showed everyone there is nothing to be afraid of.

Yes, restrictions have been placed as the rules of social distancing, and others remain intact. They still proved the naysayers wrong because as the states are opening up, the numbers on COVID-19 are going down.

It is only an argument of common sense, something Democrats have not grown accustomed to. Just like the political party’s beliefs on the right side or the left side of the fence, the same applies to the feelings, emotions, and division. We are witnessing a time when illnesses and people’s way of life are being politicized due to the deep state agenda.

Only one-third of the states within America are saying they are opening up too fast. Most of those are expecting to live off of stimulus payments and bonbons. If we could remove the political parts out of the polls, we could agree to disagree because neither side would be wrong.

There is nothing wrong with being afraid of the epidemic. The problem lies when that fear runs our lives. Americans did not get their freedoms by living in fear. We got our freedoms by facing them.