Poll: Are MORE Guns the Answer to Mass Shootings?

Here’s the Background Story: The El Paso and Dayton shootings have completely taken over the headlines recently. Unfortunately, the country is divided when it comes to finding the best solution to prevent incidents like these from ever happening again. The Left wants to increase gun legislation while the Right wants more guns as deterrence. The […]

Poll: Is Epstein the Latest Clinton “Suicide” Victim?

Here’s the Background Story: Epstein’s victims were both relieved and upset when he passed away. Relieved because now they know he’ll never abuse another young woman again, and upset because he wasn’t properly brought to justice. Whatever opinions one may have about Epstein’s death, mystery still surrounds the situation. Epstein had connections with many wealthy […]

Poll: Have Americans Lost Their Sense of Individual Responsibility?

Here’s the Background Story: America was founded with an unprecedented vision in mind: to make a new life and be free in uncharted lands. The amount of integrity and responsibility our initial settlers and founding fathers had was incredible. Now, it seems like the notions of personal responsibility and accountability are fading away as we […]

Poll: Do Recent Flag Protests Respect American Ideals?

Here’s the Background Story: Symbols are unbelievably powerful in any culture. In our society, the American flag represents freedom, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the notion to treat all humans equally. Thus, flying our nation’s flag displays the support and respect for those values. With those values in mind, are the recent protests involving […]

Poll: Amazon Workers Go on Strike: Will You Still Buy from Them?

Here’s the Background Story: Amazon’s Prime Day is an excellent way for millions of consumers around the country to save on an incredibly wide variety of goods every year. Countless electronics, luxury items and staples rushed out of Amazon warehouses at discounted prices earlier in July. Sounds like a great deal for everyone, but it’s […]

Poll: Will Facebook’s New Policy Result in Right-Wing Censorship?

Here’s the Background Story: Facebook received a ton of backlash from its fairly recent bans of certain individuals the site considered “extremists.” Some of those bans were certainly justified — radical Muslim preacher Louis Farrakhan and his hate-filled messages of extreme Islam no longer have a home on the platform. However, for every radical or […]

Poll: Do Nike’s Betsy Ross Sneakers Offend You?

Here’s the Background Story: Colin Kaepernick threw a huge fit over Nike’s Betsy Ross sneakers recently. The public outrage was so intense that Nike decided to pull the shoes from production to avoid offending the wrong person. Does the Betsy Ross flag or these sneakers offend you? Here Are the Contributing Factors: The flag’s history […]

Poll: Would Trump’s Border Shutdown Work?

Would Trump's Border Shutdown Work?

Here’s the Background Story: The border crisis has gone too far. Illegal immigrant crossings have steadily increased since early 2017 — and there are no signs it’ll taper off any time soon. President Trump called for a total border shutdown before rescinding the threat early April. The plan is off the table for now, but […]

Poll: Will Iran Play Ball With the US?

Here’s the Background Story: Every world leader is on edge right now thanks to the volatile events taking place in and around Iran. Trump and Iran have traded diplomatic blows for weeks over the recent attack on two oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz. Will Iran play ball with the US, or will these […]

Poll Results: Are Helicopter Parents Ruining Children?

Are Helicopter Parents Ruining Children?

Here’s the Background Story: American children deserve the highest chance of becoming successful, and to see this come to fruition, many parents hover over their children, watch their every step and become heavily involved in every aspect of their lives. They’ve been dubbed “helicopter parents” and raise concerns that over-protecting our youth is actually hurting […]


How to Hack-Proof Your Passwords

How to Hack-Proof Your Passwords

If this year brought nothing else, it offered the stark realization that Americans are quite vulnerable when it comes to their digital security. People...