Russiagate Failed So the Left Viciously Lies About Brett Kavanaugh Again

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Democrat/media complex could use some of the vicious anger it throws at Brett Kavanaugh and instead turn it on Jeffrey Epstein? Clinton donor pal Epstein committed actual rapes against children – many times – and was convicted for it in a court of law.

He’s also been very credibly accused of trafficking children from Europe and the United States. Yet here comes the New York Times once again with another comically false smear against Brett Kavanaugh over something that allegedly happened decades ago.

This “fresh” accusation against Justice Kavanaugh is curiously timed to coincide with the release of a new book by two New York Times writers investigating Brett Kavanaugh’s behavior at Yale in the 1980s.

The Times breathlessly reports that this new fake accusation was “never investigated by the FBI during Kavanaugh’s contentious confirmation hearings a year ago.” That’s one way of putting it.

Another way of stating it would be to say that when the FBI was told about the incident, they didn’t even bother to look into it because it did not involve a crime.

According to this latest anti-Kavanaugh smear, a Yale classmate saw a group of people push Brett Kavanaugh’s penis into a female student’s hand while she was passed out drunk. Huh?

So, if the incident happened exactly as this Yale classmate described it, Brett Kavanaugh and the passed-out female were both victims in this college prank. Brett Kavanaugh didn’t do anything to the woman. One fact that the New York Times omits from the account is that the woman has no recollection whatsoever of this incident happening.

Another fact omitted by the crack reporters at the New York Times is that the one “classmate” at this alleged Yale party who saw the incident is a Democrat Party donor. Max Stier was the classmate the Times found to cook up this story.

Stier runs a non-profit in Washington, DC. A search of Open Secrets reveals that 80% of Stier’s lifetime donations went to Barack Obama. Gee, why didn’t the New York Times want to reveal that little factoid?

None of the sloppiness exhibited by the Times bothers the rest of the media however, because it allows them to once again print the lie that “Christine Blasey Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault.”

To be perfectly clear: Any reporter or news outlet which uses the term “sexual assault” in connection to Brett Kavanaugh is telling you a bald-faced lie.

Even if the hazy incident happened exactly as Christine Blasey Ford described it, Brett Kavanaugh did not “sexually assault” her, she was not “sexually assaulted” and she did not formally accuse him of “sexual assault.”

Since every reporter in America is too lazy or too dumb to look up actual legal statutes, we’ll do it for them. Maryland has seven different crimes on the books that cover sexual assault. They are: First-, Second- and Third-Degree Rape; and First- through Fourth-Degree Sexual Offenses.

All the sexual crimes in the Maryland legal statues involve vaginal, oral or anal penetration or copulation. (Sorry if you were eating your Cheerios when you just read that.) Blasey Ford was 15 or 16 at the time of the incident, so none of the statutory crimes in Maryland apply. 

Even if you give Christine Blasey Ford the benefit of the doubt – which is a bad idea since she is the Jussie Smollett of Senate confirmation hearings – she was not “sexually assaulted.” Even if the incident happened exactly as she described and it was perpetrated by Brett Kavanaugh, it was not a sexual assault.

Not unless we’re going to rebrand “making a clumsy pass at a high school party” as a sex crime. Brett Kavanaugh should file a lawsuit against every news organization that states that he was “accused of sexual assault” – because he was never accused of sexual assault and a sexual assault did not take place under Maryland law.

Democrats in Congress are already demanding a new investigation into Justice Kavanaugh over this latest accusation from an Obama donor. And that really tells you everything that you need to know.

This is an election year stunt so the Democrats can promise their voters that they’ll impeach Brett Kavanaugh – if only the voters give them another chance!