Scientific Proof Trump Supporters Are Smarter

A recent report on what has become the standard litmus test for grading voter intellect was recently released, but Trump supporters won’t be surprised when they learn the results. According to one story reporting on those test results, the General Social Survey (GSS) has been used since 1974, and those results? Well, we will let you do the math.

The GSS test, as our story shared, “is usually regarded as the leading omnibus academic survey in the US.” The GSS test areas such as “verbal ability” and “science knowledge,” including topics like vocabulary among others.

The 2018 GSS report reflects the Trump – Clinton race in 2016, where “the mean verbal ability score for Trump supporters was 6.15 words correct, while the mean verbal ability score for Clinton supporters was 5.69 correct,” but this is only the beginning of the story.

On the science side of the test/questionnaire, Clinton supporters weren’t any better. In fact, they were worse. As the story summarized, “Trump supporters also have greater science knowledge than voters who supported Clinton in 2016.”

It wasn’t just “greater” knowledge either, it was a considerable difference. The story specifically said that “on six questions Trump supporters offer the correct answer significantly more often than Clinton supporters.”

What kind of questions, you ask? Based on the report, these were questions like, “whether the earth goes around the sun or the sun goes around the earth” or “whether that takes a day, a month, or a year.”

And to make it really interesting, these questions were also set up as multiple choice. So how did Hilary’s supporters fair? In a very telling result, our story said that “less than half of 2016 Clinton supporters (49.6%) are able to answer correctly… .”

All of a sudden, so much more of what we have been watching from the Left starts to make more sense. And have you ever asked yourself how that person or this person managed to win a seat in the US Congress? We won’t mention any names, we aren’t that type of “squad,” but it does suddenly become more plausible doesn’t it?

While most of us just recognize that building a wall is common sense, and many Americans are aware of the need for immigration reform, there are many who don’t. Maybe this isn’t an issue of partisanship or money after all. What if this is just a simple issue of intellect or lack thereof?

We actually don’t have to look any farther than all of that hullaballoo happing in Washington to see this ignorance in action. Yes, there are some smart, very smart and cunning Dems on the other side of the fence, but leading sheep to the slaughter isn’t terribly difficult.

All of those promises the leading Democratic candidates have been spewing, such as free healthcare, free education, and free money – perhaps now we know who’s listening. Maybe those people do believe these say-anything-to-get-elected taglines?

Oh yes, just for those who wanted to verify their answers: The earth circles the sun and a full orbit takes 365 days. Of course, for some Dems, it may actually seem like the universe rotates around them or at least it does in their own minds.

Does anyone remember the mocking and chiding of then-Republican nominee Donald Trump? How he wasn’t smart enough, politically correct enough, or fit to be President of the United States?

Now, three-plus years later, where are the Clinton supporters, and where is Hilary? Now, three-plus years later, how is the economy and the performance of President Donald Trump?

As another election year has arrived, we have a new set of characters on the Left set to oppose President Trump in November. What we don’t have, it appears, is a smarter adversary.

We don’t know the outcome yet but we do have one question for all the Hilary supporters from the last election. Who’s the dummy now?

If you believe in test results then the answers speak for themselves, and for everyone else, we will likely get the answer again in several short months. We will trust that you can do the math.