See Why the President is the Biggest Winner in Oil Deal

As the November election draws closure the eyes of the world are falling on President Trump. They are watching him see how he will handle the next major event. The international community of leaders love the president and want to see him for another four years. The thought of a Democrat in the White House makes them scramble to protect their countries until they are voted out. Americans love President Trump as well, as he has delivered on his promises.

The only groups of people that seem to hate the president are the liberals and the Democratic-run media. These two groups have it as their mission to destroy the president at all costs. They see him as the enemy, and they would love nothing more than something bad to happen to him or his presidency. But the facts remain that the president is too wise and popular for them to do anything about him.

The last deal that the president helped broker was the newest OPEC deal between the Arabs and Russia. This deal would have been an impossible task for many people, but not for President Trump. His business background and excessive knowledge of how to deal with people put him in the victor’s chair once the deal was signed. He is the biggest winner out of the deal between oil drilling nations.

April 12 was the date that the nations of the treaty decided to start cutting back on production. Their war on each other was an attempt by each one to gain a larger part of the oil market. But their efforts fell short when the coronavirus hit and the demand for oil took a nosedive. These two events caused the oil industry to suffer at the hands of low oil prices. But, the rest of the world was happy to see the cost of gas dive into the pump.

The Arabs decided that they were going to gouge Russia by increasing their oil output. What they failed to realize is that Russia does not like being pushed around. Russia decided that they too would start pumping more oil into the economy with the intent of lowering the price enough to steal business from the Arabs nations. As time moved on Saudi Arabia asked Russia to slow down their drilling of which the Russians declined.

The war to control the market raged on until the President of the United States got involved. Enough was enough with these two silly childish nations. Both of them were fighting over money. The fact is that they were greedy and wanted more of it. Each nation refusing to back down made the president get involved. He had to knock them in the head and tell them to sit down and work things out. He was able to get all the countries involved to agree to cut production by a set amount and by a certain time frame.

This was a major victory for President Trump coming into an election year. The ability to quickly negotiate an oil deal with all the major nations of the world just proves that he is the man that needs to be leading the United States for the next four years. President Trump is the biggest winner in this entire deal-making moment.

For years, past American presidents have asked for lower oil prices. But here comes President Trump and he is brokering for higher prices. This has never been seen in the international community. A price for oil that is stable and high only means better production and higher-paying jobs. This only makes economies stronger and people able to work.

President Trump has a great way of dealing with childish people in leadership. He handles the Democrats like babies and the leaders of the world with care and respect. The deal that he was able to broker was right up his area of expertise. What he agreed to just make things better for the United States. He truly cares about people and the country that he loves dearly.