Senate Dems Tell Hillary Clinton Not To Bother Running

Hillary Clinton seems to forget that she’s already been nominated by the DNC and ran for president once before. She lost. There was a lot of controversy surrounding her bid, too, especially with the whole “private email server.” She may have forgotten about all of that in 2016 but the rest of the country hasn’t.

Although she’s been talking about running in the 2020 elections if she sees an opening, the Senate Democrats are telling her not to bother.

There’s nothing quite like not having the love of your political party to make you think twice. While she’s still a major figure within the Democratic Party, she’s got the nerve to try to jump in this late in the game, assuming that none of the other contenders have the ability to beat Trump in the general election. Her memory must not be too good considering she wasn’t able to get the job done in 2016, which is why Donald Trump is now the President of the United States instead of her.

The general consensus across the Senate where former Democratic colleagues lie is that she needs to stay out of the race. Polite warnings have been coming in regularly, although top aides for Clinton say that the door is remaining open.

Dick Durbin, the Senate Minority Whip says “It’s time for another nominee.” He reminds people that he supported her wholeheartedly when she ran and that she’s done a great service to the country but her time has passed.

Although she served in the Senate for eight years, Clinton may find it difficult to get the backing of any of the Democrats. Taking a last-minute plunge shows poor taste. Further, no one would want to take the chance on her because of her failed attempt. No one wants to take that chance when there are so many different options to support now. Clinton is old news and the Dems want someone new – although no one in the playing field has the capacity to beat Trump – and the Dems know it.

Moderates and liberals alike know that Clinton’s time is up. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-New Mexico) says running “would be a mistake.” He repeats it, too, when asked to expound because, really, that’s all he needs to say. Another Senator, Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) says “Absolutely not” when reporters asked if they would back her.

Philippe Reines is the longtime aide and advisor for Hillary Clinton. He paints a very different picture, talking on Fox News about how they’re not ruling out a Clinton bid and that “She’d be the best person” to take on Donald Trump and govern the country in the aftermath of all that’s happened. He seems to be the only one to think this, however, considering those who know her best are saying that she should keep her nose out of this election.

When Clinton has been asked about running, she jokes with the response of, “Don’t tempt me.” She would easily qualify for debates when it comes to fundraising and polling thresholds because she is such a big name. Plus, there are still plenty of Dems who are sour about her not beating Trump despite having the popular vote by over three million.

As Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) explains, there are “a lot of really fantastic candidates” already in the field. She would like to see it left at that.

Clinton doesn’t have a lot of time to jump into the game. There have already been countless debates by the DNC that she hasn’t been a part of. She can’t really offer anything new and different than the other candidates don’t already have covered. Warren would be the female that so many Dems want to see go into office. Buttigieg provides a less progressive approach than Warren and Sanders. Booker provides the African American vote. There’s simply no room for Hillary Clinton – and those who have worked with her the longest aren’t inviting her to join the circus of candidates.

Hillary Clinton needs to respect that the game has moved on without her. She had a chance in 2016 and failed. Now, there are plenty of candidates for the Democrats to choose from in the primaries without her jumping in to “rescue” everyone. To do so would be to insult the qualifications of every other Democrat in the running. With so many Democratic Senators sending their message loud and clear, she needs to stay out of it. People can tempt her all she wants but the best thing would be for her to leave well enough alone.