Shocker: Michael Moore Turns on Green Energy

Michael Moore has released another documentary and has made a lot of people mad. That sentence could have been written for any of the fat left filmmaker’s work since “Bowling for Columbine,” a takedown of America’s gun culture. But this time,” Planet of the Humans,” released on Moore’s YouTube channel just in time for Earth Day 2020, is making another group of people angry. The Washington Times explains:

“Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore is under attack from his putative climate allies with a newly released documentary taking on one of the sacred cows of the environmental movement: green energy. Planet of the Humans, released this week free of charge on YouTube to coincide with Earth Day, argues that replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy is not only a pipe dream but that solar arrays, wind farms, and biomass are doing enormous damage of their own to the environment.”

Michael Moore is no stranger to controversy. In 2004, his “Fahrenheit 9/11” accused the George W. Bush administration of using the attacks on 9/11 to wage wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for dubious reasons. The title of the movie also made the late Ray Bradbury upset because it was too close to the science fiction writer’s “Fahrenheit 451.”

Three years later, “Sicko” attacked the American healthcare system. That was not unusual. Politicians like Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders have gotten a lot of mileage out of that. However, Moore’s preferred healthcare system was not so much the one in Canada or the one in the UK, but the one in Communist Cuba.

Moore has not been as much of a thing as he was early this century. His “Fahrenheit 11/9” was an assault on the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States which barely caused notice. “Planet of the Humans” certainly has attracted comment, however.  The Washington Time notes that fellow filmmaker Josh Fox is especially irate,

“The blowback from the left was immediate. Josh Fox, director of the anti-fracking films Gasland and Gasland Part II, called on activists, scientists, and others to sign a letter demanding an apology and an immediate retraction by the [film’s] producers, director, and other advocates.”

Moore produced “Planet of the Humans,” which was directed by Jeff Gibbs. The premise of the documentary is that renewable energy, primarily solar and wind, is a scam cooked up by corporate interests. The film takes down such environmental heroes such as Al Gore, Van Jones, and Robert Kennedy Jr. It does not spare even the Sierra Club, the environmental institution.

So, what is so wrong with solar and wind power. It seems, Moore’s movie suggests, that producing renewable and solar power plants have a severe environmental cost, especially in the mining of rare earth minerals they require. Mining equipment runs on fossil fuels.

The huge blades from defunct windfarms, made of fiberglass, cannot be recycled. They wind up in landfills. Both wind farms and solar arrays wreak havoc on migratory birds.

Electric cars do not escape Moore’s criticism. To be sure ones Tesla does not belch out pollution such as vehicles that run on gasoline does. However, since most of the electric grid runs on fossil fuels, electric vehicles might as well run on natural gas or even (horror of horrors) coal.

Mind, Moore is not about to sign onto Dan Crenshaw’s New Energy Frontier. He is certainly no supporter of carbon capture technology nor, nuclear power. Indeed, Moore is quite supportive of the privation aspects of the Green New Deal. We have to limit our population and cut drastically back on consumption if Mother Earth is to be saved.

Mind, Moore’s latest production would have gotten a lot more attention if the coronavirus pandemic had not taken everyone’s attention. USA Today notes that Moore attempted to relate the two, suggesting that the pandemic is the Earth’s way of hitting back at the human race. That it was the result of Chinese perfidy does not seem to have occurred to the far leftwing filmmaker.

Even so, several conservatives and climate change skeptics are feasting on the spectacle of the environmental movement eating its own.  The formerly admired far-left documentary filmmaker has raised the ire of the Green New Dealers. Very likely his reputation will never be the same.