“Sleepy” Joe Biden’s Memory Fails Him on ‘What’s His Name’

President Trump did not just come up with the name “Sleepy” Joe Biden for nothing.  Everywhere he goes he seems tired and worn out, but now it has taken a turn for the worse where we now count how many times former Vice President Biden slips up in his responses and his speeches.

The truth is, we lost count.  It has turned him into the butt end of a joke, which he is.  He is making the Democrats look like fools, more than they already are since he is the front runner in the primary.

The funniest thing is when the dumb lead the blind.  It can become a circus of laughs, so with the truth on how horrible the left is on their agenda, it is best just to keep laughing.

Biden told his Democratic supporters after he made a mistake about where he spoke earlier, “I want to be clear, I’m not going nuts. I’m not sure whether it was the medical school or where the hell I spoke. But it was on the campus.”

Last week, Biden was talking with the press in the lovely sunshine telling them, “I love this place. Look, what’s not to like about Vermont in terms of the beauty of it?

And what a neat town…everybody has been friendly. I like Keene a lot.” Typically, there would not be anything wrong with that statement, but he was in New Hampshire, not Vermont.

But wait, it gets worse!  At a media press, he told the crowd of people about the shooting that happened at Kent State University when a protest erupted.  He said to the reporters, “Things changed, you had over 40 kids shot at Kent State on a beautiful lawn by the National Guard.”

In actuality, there were only four killed and nine injured.  We could say it was a plot to bring up more gun control, but Biden got it wrong, missing the number by 29 people.

It is now a proven fact the public and reporters will catch a slip up from old “Sleepy.” It hasn’t been a month since he mistook the decade of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.  He was shot and killed just months apart from President John F. Kennedy.  Biden was saying they died in the seventies.

Both assassinations happened in 1968.  He claimed the Parkland students from the shooting paid him a visit while he was Vice President.  Hmm.  The shooting occurred in 2018, and Mike Pence was and still is the Vice President.  He tried to redeem himself after the mistake and told the crowd, “People still call me Vice President.”

The most recent was this week when Biden was replying to a remark when President Trump stated, “President Putin outsmarted President Obama.” There was a report in The Daily Caller’s Virginia Kruta which explained Biden’s speech, saying, “[Trump] claimed that Obama wanted Russia removed from the G7 — then the G8 — because Putin had “tricked” Obama when he invaded Ukraine on his watch.

Trump had then argued that Russia should be allowed to come back to the table, saying that he would rather have them “inside the tent” than outside it.  They invaded another country and annexed a significant portion of it, called Crimea,” Biden said in response, adding, “He’s saying that it was President … my boss … it was his fault.”

Biden spent eight years as Obama’s Vice President, and he could not even remember his name.  In the same speech, minutes later, he called the G7 Summit the “G8 Summit.  It is hard to give the dummy a bit of sympathy, it was called the G8 Summit until Obama kicked out Russia in 2014.

A substantial Biden supporter chimed in and stated, “I think the press has to be more careful about applying an unfair standard to Joe Biden than they’re applying to other candidates.

If you listen to what the candidates say all day as they’re out campaigning, they’re out in front of cameras, they’re in front of people, they’re talking all day. Everybody’s going to slip up and misstate a name or a date or a location. It happens all the time.”

Yes, jokes can be cruel and funny, but in all seriousness, if this is the best the Democrats have, President Trump will slaughter him in the presidential debates.  He had Hillary going to jail in the last debate.  We can only wonder where he will put “Sleepy” Joe Biden.