Stunning Liberal Hypocrisy: White ‘Anti-Racism’ Fraudster Paid More Than Black Woman for Same Job

We all know about the case of Pocahontas — or as some say, Fauxcahontas — and Massachusetts U.S. Senator and faculty lounge socialist Elizabeth Warren.

Lizzy Warren claimed to be Native American in her application to teach at Harvard, invoking minority privilege. Remember that next time Elizabeth Warren hectors and lectures the American people on their “privileges” regarding race relations or the Green New Deal.

Or what about the case of Rachel Dolezal? The white woman who pretended to be black and was elected as the local N.A.A.C.P. president in Spokane, Wash. Even her friends thought she was black!

It was all too much for Dolezal’s parents, who came forward in June 2015 to tell the truth about their daughter and out her as a white woman who was carrying on a gigantic ruse. Ever the committed method actor, Dolezal was thereafter charged with welfare fraud.

The Psuedo-Woke-Liberal-White-Guilt-Opportunist-Do-As-I-Say-Not-As-I-Do Industry is alive and well Libtard Land – and some of the more adept professional hucksters are making a killing.

In 2018, a liberal academic named Robin DiAngelo published a garbage book based on junk invented neo-Marxist “science” called “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism.”

The Left doesn’t care if things are true or factual, but only if they’re en vogue. DiAngelo hit the flavor of the year jackpot with her unfalsifiable, unscientific book that claims to reveal the secrets behind why it is “so difficult for white people to acknowledge and talk about race relations.”

DiAngelo has now parlayed her sham book into a lucrative speaking circuit career at brainwashed colleges and universities across the nation (and around the world – because America exports this nonsense, too!).

DiAngelo is on the bleeding edge of the Wokeness Industry and is now even billed as a “diversity consultant,” consulting on, you know, diversity. Her being a white woman and all.

The hypocrisy doesn’t end.

Last month, DiAngelo raked in $12,750 for a speaking gig at the University of Wisconsin — a tidy sum that was 70-percent MORE than the other keynote speaker, black female author Austin Channing Brown.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Division of Diversity, Equity, and Educational Achievement paid Channing Brown just $7,500 for her keynote address at its annual Diversity Forum.

The payments were negotiated with the Harry Walker Agency, a speakers bureau based in New York that represents BOTH women.

Cue: liberal heads exploding.

DiAngelo, who has spent her career bilking impressionable academics and students and inflating racism in the public square, has in the past called such INEQUITY the “racist heart of capitalism” claiming that “capitalism is dependent on inequality.… If the model is profit over everything else, you’re not going to look at your policies to see what is most racially equitable.”

DiAngelo writes in her New York Times bestseller White Fragility that she believes racism benefits white people and hurts non-white people at every juncture of the employment process: “Whiteness has psychological advantages that translate into material returns.”

These people are just unbearable.

In case you were wondering, the name of DiAngelo’s talk was “Seeing the Racial Water” which, if you think sounds like a totally made-up title and full of nonsense, you’re 100-percent right.

Nonsense or not, the libs are hungry for the hot trash that DiAngelo is dishing out: her speaking fee has increased 125-percent since 2018.

Does anyone in Liberal World care that white bread DiAngelo was paid more than the other keynote speaker, an African American woman, so that DiAngelo could carp about racist inequities for an hour?

They will do as they always do: make excuses, try to cover it up, wash their hands, and then after you think that maybe they’ve learned their lesson they do it all over again.