Surprise! A Corrupt Family Brings in a Corrupt Cabinet

Corruption shows up on everything that Joe Biden touches. Despite claims that the former VP was helping his son and brother get rich with all sorts of back-alley deals, Democrats still voted for him. Their whole “vote blue no matter who” worked – and now they have to deal with the corruption that comes with voting for literally anyone who wasn’t Trump.

Biden is one of the most corrupt politicians to have ever walked the halls of Washington DC. He’s been a career politician for most of his life. Further, Hunter Biden has made a fortune thanks to who his daddy is.

It’s not surprising that a corrupt family would lead to a corrupt cabinet.

It’s all about who you know, not whether you’re qualified for the job.

As much as many thought that Biden would be choosing many of the Democratic primary frontrunners for cabinet positions, it seems he’s gone a different way. He wants to tout diversity, with many firsts showing that he’s nominating women and people of color.

That’s all well and great, but are any of them actually qualified?

Janet Yellen as the Treasury Secretary may be the only one capable of actually doing the job. Stocks have lifted just at the mere mention of her name. As an American economist and someone who has served as the Chair of the Federal Reserve, she may be the person needed to turn the economy around post-pandemic.

What about everyone else?

If you worked on Biden’s campaign, you were given a position. You may not get into the cabinet, but you could at least manage a position as chief of staff or an advisor.

Biden’s all about keeping those who are close to him closer to him to avoid any kind of scandal. He doesn’t want anyone who could leak any of his dirty secrets as an attempt to stab him in the back.

Many who have been working with him know just how cunning he can be. They’ve managed to protect him this far. He got into the White House even after it was identified that he blackmailed Ukrainian leaders into dropping the investigation against his son Hunter over shady deals being done at Burisma.

All of these individuals who know all about Biden and what he’s willing to do to make money on the side with business deals are filling his cabinet and entering the White House. It’s corruption at its best, and it’s happening under the noses of every American.

The U.S. Senate was even aware of Biden corruption. It wasn’t Russian disinformation. It’s a real concern, and the report they’ve created makes for quite an interesting read. Thanks to Tony Bobulinski, there are thousands of pages worth of evidence against Biden.

Perhaps out of everyone that Biden has chosen, the secretary of state pick is the one that should scare us the most – Antony Blinken

This is a man who has a long history with Biden. He was the national security adviser during Biden’s time as VP. Blinken was also part of the Clinton administration.

Blinken is a White House insider. He’s part of the DC corruption…part of the swamp. He’s also a foreign policy nightmare. He’s all about sending in the troops to do what needs to be done. He’s defended some of the wars that the U.S. has entered into – the same wars that Trump has been working to get us out of.

Many of the other cabinet picks are based on color and gender as opposed to actual abilities to hold the positions. Why? He’s allowing social justice warriors to bully him into certain picks. It is further evidence of his corruption because he allows himself to be pushed in one direction or another.

The corruption has already been seen and the cabinet choices only back it up. As long as the Senate can hold a majority, perhaps they can find some more hard evidence to lead to impeachment – though that would leave us with Kamala Harris as president, and that might not be any better.