Texas is Doing Their Own Thing about the Coronavirus

Everyone knows that big is the way of Texas. They have never been people to copy others. The like to do their own thing and set a new standard while doing it. While the country is being told to limit gatherings Greg Abbott who is the governor of Texas is taking a different direction.

He is setting a new way for leaders of communities and other regions to follow. Abbott has 29 million people living in his state. He has to do something for all of them, or they will do it themselves.

Texas only has 80 reported cases. In a state of 29 million people that is an extremely low number. Leaders all around the country are forcing closures and making choices about kids in schools early with hopes of keeping things from getting out of control.

But Abbott is letting local leaders make those choices. Of the 254 counties in the state, all of them will have the power to make their own choices regarding what to close or let stay open.

Abbott is the last holdout who has a different way of handling the crisis. He believes that people should have the power to decide for themselves what they should do. The right to make choices must be preserved. So far each region has posted different levels of restrictions.

Cities that are close to each other have vastly different requirements for people. But this is exactly what the country needs to see. They need to see that people can make good choices about their futures and care.

But Abbott is not crazy or a lone ranger. He knows that if things get too far out of hand that he will have to act. Other governors are pressuring him to follow suit, but he believes that it is not the right time yet.

He does not believe that it is right to control people and their daily lives if there is not a large enough reason to do so. The coronavirus is another cold type of illness. There has not been a recent reaction to the flu. So, there is no reason to panic now.

Texas is a huge state with a lot of people. There are a few conflicts as some areas have overlapping restrictions. But they are working them out. Texas has proved that people do not need to have live dictated to them. There is not much more that can be done to stop the spread of the virus.

At some point, it may just slow down the sickness which will still run its course. Springtime is coming and it is the season when many illnesses disappear. Many are hopeful that this virus will be gone at that time.

County Judge Clay Jenkins has stated “We’ve done all that we can. But we need our governor and our regional partners to come together and the only way really to do that is through the state. We need the state to come in and lay out some parameters.”

They may need future guidance, but they need to have the confidence to make decisions for their areas without having to consult higher powers. Too many people question their ability to lead which causes problems and creates mistakes.

Abbott’s critics are crying much like the critics of the president. They are crying that they are not doing enough. They have failed to realize is that they have the power to do more.

They just don’t want to make that call in case something happens. That way the Democrats and others can place the blame on the leaders at the top. In other words, they are being cowards at leadership.

Abbott has done his part so far. He has declared a State of Disaster which allowed him to mobilize the National Guard of Texas. He has removed regulations that would have stopped shipments of medical supplies.

He even has given people the power to do their jobs. The problem is that the liberals and critics are questioning everything that is being done to the point that no one wants to do anything. People have to learn to lead and make decisions.

He has done things this way because like he says “They know their communities better than anybody else does. We’re dealing with something, however, that is not just statewide in scope, not just nationwide in scope, but is worldwide in scope.” This is the same style that President Trump has with people.