The 7 Most Extremist Statements (and Lies) from the Democrat Debates

If you think the Democrat Party has become even more radicalized and extremist since the American people put Donald Trump in the White House, it’s not your imagination.

The Democrats have gotten really weird. We know that you didn’t sit through the first round of 2020 Democrat debates last week.

(Why would anyone?) Therefore, as a public service, we thought you should know about all of the dingbat, dishonest and extremist promises made by the hundreds of candidates running for the Democrat nomination.

Hold your nose – here goes:

Medicare for All: Bernie Sanders and elder Pocahontas Warren of the Milli Vanilli tribe are pushing this crackpot idea hard. Just to be clear: This would mean the elimination of all private health insurance. Bernie and Chief Wonder Bread say you’ll pay no health insurance premiums, no dividends and no co-pays for insurance, but you’ll pay way higher taxes. People who are healthy will get their wallets jammed up the worst, so it’s like Obamacare dialed up to 11.

Carbon Dividends: This is the latest scam from the Democrats’ weird weather cult, and it’s being pushed by John Delaney and Pete Buttigieg. Here’s how that grift works. Everyone pays the bogus carbon taxes on… basically, everything that makes life good in a modernized society.

But if you make radical changes to your personal life, such as driving a tiny electric death-box down the road instead of a normal car, you’ll get a check from the government every year.

Where’s the check come from? The carbon tax, of course. And you’ll get a check right up until the moment when this unsustainable plan bankrupts America, which is the whole point.

Kamala’s Big Forced Busing Lie: The media says Kamala Harris “won” the debate because she lectured Joe Biden about forced busing in the 1960s. But the entire thing was a lie. Harris says she was “that little girl” who had to ride the bus when the Berkeley, CA school district was in the process of de-segregating.

Total lie. Harris was only four years old by the time the few segregated schools in California had fully integrated. Then her elitist college professor parents ran off to Canada, where she grew up going to posh private schools.

Gun Confiscation: Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) wants to confiscate every semiautomatic firearm in America. And he says he’ll buy it back from you for a fair price after the SWAT team kicks down your door to violate your constitutional rights.

Sen. Corey “Spartacus” Booker is at least a little more subtle about it. He wants to set up a totalitarian federal gun registry (which is completely illegal under current federal law) in which all gun owners have to get a license from the government to own or purchase firearms. Not that he plans to confiscate all of the guns once the government has everyone on a list (yeah, sure).

Joe Biden’s Amazing Gun Knowledge: During a really special moment of the debate, Joe Biden says he was the only guy on stage who got “the number of clips in a gun banned.” It would have been just as funny if he had used the proper term “magazines” instead of “clips.”

This is on par with Al Gore’s invention of the internet, for those old enough to remember that claim. Semiautomatics hold one magazine or “clip,” Joe. They’ve always held just one. This imaginary ban of yours never happened.

Joe Biden’s First Act as President: When asked what their first act would be if elected president, Joe Biden gave an ambitious answer: “Defeat Trump!” Um… we think you got something out of order there, Joe.

Taxpayer-Funded Abortions for Dudes in Dresses: Out of all the crackpot ideas floated in the first round of debates, the unquestioned “winner” of the contest has to be Julian Castro, Obama’s former HUD Secretary.

When you hear his proposal, keep in mind that Julian Castro is a grown man. He’s been the mayor of San Antonio. Castro says he doesn’t just support abortion – he supports “reproductive justice,” whatever that is. Therefore, he wants to provide taxpayer-funded abortions to transgender dudes. He wants tax dollars for abortions… for men who dress up as women… who are biologically incapable of getting pregnant.

There’s your 2020 Democrat Party, America! And that list didn’t even include open borders, because of course, they all support open borders. We shudder to think what would happen to the country if one of these kooks manages to cheat their way into the White House. Has the choice for who you should vote for in a presidential election ever been more crystal clear? (Spoiler alert: It’s none of the Democrats.)