The Best Way to Stop Illegal Immigration

There’s a reason why illegal immigration continues to happen – they know that they can find employment. One of the easiest ways to stop illegal immigration is to stop illegal employment practices. If people have to be legal in order to be employed, many of the immigration problems will solve themselves.

Currently, a number of illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from Americans. Part of this is because illegal immigrants are willing to work for less and deal with less than desirable working conditions.

Many employers, including several Mississippi chicken processing plants, hire undocumented immigrants every single year, which is in violation of federal law. Employers are well aware of what they are doing, too. Many workers wear ankle bracelets provided by ICE so that their location is monitored. Others will use multiple names and provide an array of Social Security numbers.

Operators choose to hire people with an illegal status to ensure that the workers aren’t going to push for higher wages or cause any trouble.

E-Verify Has to Be Used

There’s an E-Verify system that needs to be used for all employees. It helps to identify whether employees are legal to work in the United States or not. However, if they are using someone else’s Social Security number, it can be more difficult to identify. Further, not all employers use CE-verify system.

Many of the employers are found in areas of high poverty with extremely low-income levels. This means that the employers are choosing to hire illegal immigrants over Americans – and it’s to ensure that they can keep the hourly rate as low as possible. In Jasper County, Mississippi, the unemployment rate was 7.4% in June, which is more than twice the nation’s average. With so many people needing jobs, it’s disappointing that employers have chosen to hire illegal immigrants over legal American residents.

There are plenty of other employers that have similar demographics, with poverty rates of 23% or higher and an average household income of only $35,000.

The Research is Startling

There is a considerable economic impact involving illegal immigration. According to the Pew Research Center, over 7 million undocumented immigrants are found throughout the labor force in the United States. This means that wages and opportunities are considerably depressed for native-born Americans.

The only way to change the statistics is to focus on immigration enforcement – and it has to be a state and national priority. Mississippi law requires employers to use E-verify. However, there have been a number of employers still hiring undocumented workers by the hundreds.

Local, state, and federal governments have to coordinate systems and identify businesses employing such workers. Otherwise, more ICE raids are going to happen, identifying that illegal employment is continuing.

A number of factories and plants create hundreds of jobs at a time – but there is no concerted effort to give these jobs to local residents. This can be seen as a government failure, especially when so many local governments have ways to help residents find jobs. This includes those who are unemployed, on welfare or reentering the community after spending time in prison.

Reduce the Entry

If illegal employment were to be eliminated throughout the United States, word would get back to countless countries, particularly those within Central America. If people know that they aren’t going to be able to find work in the United States, considerably less are going to be looking to cross the border illegally, thus reducing the problem at the US-Mexico border.

Immigrants will learn that they have to go through everything legally, obtaining a Social Security number that actually belongs to them. Once they are legal to work in the United States, they can be hired without fear of ICE raids. It will also ensure that there are fairer job opportunities within communities – especially the communities that deal with poverty on a regular level.

Many Democrats continue to fight against such efforts. California is a perfect example, offering employment, health care, and more to illegal immigrants – inviting them in and taking better care of them then they take of actual American residents. 

One of the most common reasons for Democrats continuing to fight in favor of illegal immigrants is because the illegal immigrants are the only ones that will vote for Democrats. The Dems need the votes; therefore they are willing to disrespect all of the current laws in favor of people who aren’t even American.

No new laws need to be made. The reality is that illegal employment is illegal because it’s against the law – local, state, and federal governments simply need to acknowledge this and help to hold up the law.