The Border Agent That Raped a Girl Finally Pleads Guilty

All law enforcement officers are held to a strict standard of moral excellence. They take oaths of allegiance and promises to their superiors to uphold the law and look out for the safety and wellbeing of others around them. But no one is above the law. However, some tend to beat the system because of the people that they know. This is what happened to an older man that raped a young agent as was never disciplined. The creepy man was left to retire and go on with his life.

Gustavo Zamora is the man that raped a younger officer. He kidnaped the girl and sexually assaulted her. Once his crime was discovered the office he worked for allowed him to retire without even a word. His retirement is being considered to be “quick” for the process. Art Del Cueto stated that “He has not faced any discipline at all.” It is well known that lower tank officers would have been disciplined without question.

Zamora was the second-ranking officer in the office. He was also responsible for the discipline of the agents that worked under his command. But he thought that he was above the law. He thought that he could do whatever he wanted and not have to answer to anyone. He described his job as “management oversight of the Professional Standards and Management Inquiry Team, which includes Labor and Employee Relations, Investigations, Critical Incidents, Incident Reporting, and the Conduct and Discipline Disciplinary Review Board.” He saw himself as being over something special. The problem is that he failed to include himself as being under that same scrutiny.

The normal practice of such accusations is that the officer is put on desk duty. They are kept off the streets and kept from having contact with most people. In the office, they can be monitored. It also keeps them from getting in more trouble than they are already in. It was also pointed out that he should have been removed from the discipline board, not allowed to work overtime and even had his gun and badge taken until the issue was settled.

The person that was raped by scummy Zamora is not allowing her name to be released because of privacy issues. The relationship between the two got out of hand rather quickly. Zamora sought to meet up with the victim and it appears that she wanted to meet up with him. But he is the one that took things too far. The events of the night in question are very specific. It all appears that he did kidnap the girl and forced her to do what he wanted to get out of her. In effect, he raped her. He did not have her consent to engage in such relationship actions.

The fact that he retired so quickly looks bad for the agency that he worked for. It looks like they tried to rid themselves of the problem and allow him to retire with dignity even though he should have been disciplined. The story of his retirement remains somewhat of a mystery. It appears that he was tipped off that cops were coming to get him which led to him retiring so fast.

Zamora appears to have even deceived his boss as to what taking place. He called in and took personal time before turning himself in. This allowed him to avoid being put on forced leave. His retirement should have taken months to process but it went through really quick. The creepy man did plead guilty, and he will stand trial. He was also released from jail while he waits for his trial date.

Border agents are under a lot of pressure, but they are still under the law. They have to answer for their crimes no matter who they are. President Trump has worked hard to give them the tools that they need to do their job effectively. But when they act up and do things that hurt others they must be held accountable. Those that helped him retire quickly also need to be investigated for their part in a criminal coverup.