The Democrats Spell Doom for the U.S. – People Will Die from Diseases

The migrant detention centers are in place so there is a place to take the people that are trying to enter the United States illegally. They are the places that they people go to wait for their day in court, so they can make their case regarding asylum.

They are the places that keep diseases from around the world from infecting the population of the United States. And the deceptive Democrats want to shut them all down. This is just one of the many reasons why they cannot win in 2020.

If the Democrats win the election in 2020 it will spell doom for the United States. They will change so much in this country that will in effect destroy the nation. But that is what exactly the Democrats want to do.

They have made it clear that they want open borders. The detention centers were never a concern to them until the election year came up. They have lied to the American people claiming that President Trump is responsible for the conditions at the border. But the truth of it was that the president sought to fix the problems, but the Democrats denied there ever was an issue.

The Democrats just don’t care about the people of the country. They are more concerned with the people that are trying to invade the nation. The detention centers are the only barricade that keeps the diseases from third world nations out of the borders.

But the Democrats want to allow that kind of pestilence into the population. They want the United States to become just like every other hurting nation in the world. But America is not the tyrant that they paint the people to be. There are more aid and protection provided to nations around the world than at any other time in world history.

Joe Biden is one of the first to make this claim as he states, “Close them down… By the way, we don’t need them!” His statement is held by every stupid Democrat. They offer no solutions and no help when dealing with these issues.

All the dumb Democrats see the detention centers as camps that people are treated badly and inhumanely every day. But the truth is that the people staying there are given everything they need to live and every opportunity to make their lives better. But the fake news media and the Democrats do not want people to know the truth.

Biden believes that by simply telling people to show up to court they will show up. But that is far from the truth. Most people do not return to court when released from the detention centers because they can just disappear into the population which means they will never be found again.

These illegal people are violating the very laws and documents that this country was founded on. They spit in the face of the migrants that became citizens the legal way.

Biden blames President Trump for the separation of families at the border. The truth is that the family separation issue started while he was vice president. And he did not have a problem with it at that time because he decided to turn another way and ignore what was going wrong at the border.

Some Democrats even believe that the detention centers were set up to make money for private investors. But that is farther from the truth than anything.

Private detention centers had to be set up to help with overcrowding caused by the Democrats failing to help the president stop the crazy flow of migrants coming into America. President Trump saw a problem that Obama created and now is trying to fix it before it gets too large to fix.

President Trump has gone out of his way to fix the problems at the border. He has had to convince Mexico to take a more active role in dealing with those traveling through their country.

He has had to deal with Columbia and get them to help as well. And all his effort is paying off. DHS has reported that there are decreases in the number of people pressing against the southern border of the United States.