The Dumb Democrats are Flying Solo, Forgot There Are Rules

The dumb Democrats have made a mess of things once again. They are racing forward without speaking with the Republicans regarding sending subpoenas to the White House. The Democrats are like little kids in a candy store right now.

They believe they finally have something that can destroy the president, and they want the documents now. They are looking for information on the Ukraine controversy. They want any documents that are related to these events. The problem is that they have not consulted with all the members of Congress.

The dumb Democrats cry foul every time the Republicans make a move and insist on being consulted when it matters the most. Now they are forgetting what it feels like and is ignoring all the Republicans.

Jim Jordan is known for speaking up when it matters the most. He is the leader of the House Oversight Committee and has asked that Elijah Cummings to wait until all members of Congress have debated the issue and have voted before taking any kind of action. But this is super Elijah Cummings he does not have to wait for anyone because he believes he is superman and can do whatever he wants.

Jim Jordan led a statement that said “You decided to issue this subpoena without consulting Republicans and without allowing Members to debate the terms of the subpoena. Your memorandum cherry-picks and misstates information to propagate a misleading narrative about the President’s actions.”

If the Republicans acted the way the Democrats are right now there would be a lot of complaints. The Republicans insist that this should be a partisan effort. If Cummings and the rest of the Democrats want their support, then they will have to play fair.

But the Democrats never play fair, they only know how to play dirty and do things that are in their own best interests. The Republicans rightly say “We object strongly to the issuance of this subpoena and your stated reasons for issuing it.

If you proceed with this subpoena over our objections, you will be violating our bipartisan agreement about subpoenas, trampling on long-held minority rights in the House of Representatives, and proving the partisan nature of your inquiry.”

The sad part is that the Democrats do not care what the Republicans have to say. To a Democrat, everything hinges on power. If they are the ones in control, then there is no need for them to listen to anyone.

President Trump is urging the Democrats to start the impeachment process because he already knows what the outcome will be. The Democrats will lose this battle just like they have lost every other fight they have tried to pick with the White House.

Pushy Pelosi is not listening to the Republicans or anyone else. She is in support of Cummings moving ahead for she has said, “The existing rules of the House provide House Committees with full authority to conduct investigations for all matters under their jurisdiction, including impeachment investigations.

There is no requirement under the Constitution, under House Rules, or House precedent that the whole House vote before proceeding with an impeachment inquiry.” But Jim Jordan pointed out that there is an agreement that still needs to be honored.

Cummings and Pelosi are just plain mad at the president because he refuses to provide any documents for them to look at. He is not going to fuel their witch hunt. He knows as well as the entire nation that Democrats are still mad about losing in 2016, and they are determined to destroy President Trump at all costs.

With 2020 right around the corner they cannot afford for him to have any more victories. But that is exactly what they are handing to him. Every time they try to place blame on the president the more he surges ahead in the polls and the hearts of all Americans.

The dumb Democrats were just looking for ways to issue more subpoenas. They have become subpoena happy. Cummings and the rest of his sorry band of criminals need some kind of victory to win votes next year. But all they have are losses that are an embarrassment to them.