The Left’s Vision is Being Rejected, History in the Making

Behind the leadership of President Trump, as one story shared, there could be a historic opportunity for Republicans in the upcoming 2020 election year. We feel the shift in weather when seasons change. We sense the momentum during a game swing from one side to the other. Now we sense and are seeing a shift in how Americans are thinking.

The President’s leadership has made us safer, created a stronger economy and has made us great again. To hear the mainstream media tell it, Trump will be impeached any moment now (a narrative that has been playing for how long?). To listen to major network news, the President is leading us into a recession and the country has never been more vulnerable.

Fortunately, for all of us, the facts have outweighed the influence. While those on the left have built a culture that screams save the planet, stop the bullies and bullets, and treat everyone fairly (all-important mind you) someone has to run the country. It seems the Dems, like virtually all of them, have forgotten that running a country is a business and the United States is the greatest and largest business in the world. In history.

This could be why President Trump has experienced such success because he was a businessman long before he was a politician. Jeff Sessions, in his matter-of-fact and plain-talk style, spoke about these and other issues recently as one story reported. According to that story, Sessions’ gave the President high marks on three of the most vital areas of our government today.

On trade, the former Alabama senator said, “And when you import a product, you, in fact, lay off workers in the United States and hire workers in some other country to make these products. And it’s not a little matter… China that has the kind of surplus they have with us – a state-dominated economy that’s determined to advance their strategic national interest… there is a question of national security that is real about this.” And then he said as he did several times throughout his discourse, that “the American people get that… .”

Regarding immigration, Sessions said, “the American people favor immigration… they’re not against immigration. We admit 1.1 million people every year… No country in the world admits that many people.”

Then he reiterated that “the American people believe in the wall… they believe we should have a lawful system of immigration… and we’ll admit people who want to be successful and prosper in the United States… the American people are right about that, and it’s time for us to get on board.”

Then, on foreign policy he remarked that “When our military is committed, we support them… yet, there has been in the minds of a growing number of Americans… a concern that the positive results predicted for our military activities haven’t materialized. We have to be honest with ourselves. They think we have gotten into too many wars. Not only do these wars cost us treasure but the cost us the blood of patriots who we sent out there. They didn’t make the decision to go. We sent them out there. The president sent them out there.” Sessions, as the story went on, even suggested developing a set of criteria to be met before committing to foreign aid.

This is what is really happening behind the scenes, how the country is being run and how business is getting done. Sessions, along with that story, recognize that there are some core principles to keeping America great and running the greatest business on earth. Bleeding heart liberals and the Left’s agenda aren’t answering any of the big questions and the nation is beginning to realize that.

The story finished with thoughts that left us looking toward the 2020 election as Sessions asked, “who is running this country? How did this happen? The Republican leadership needs to get their back up and understand this… there is the opportunity for this party to achieve a historic governing majority in the Congress for quite a number of years – maybe a generation…”

“The left’s vision is being rejected. I think on issue after issue despite all their influence with the mainstream media, the academy, the socialist Internationale – the anti-Brexit people. They operate in their own world.” Sessions concluded.

The Dems have never looked more disjointed and lost. The Republican party appears to be gaining steam and favor and there is a new season brewing and the momentum is shifting in America. This is starting to look like a historic opportunity for Republicans and a great future for America.