The Murders of Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is patting itself on the back and praising its endeavors as they report the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent babies. They have released their murderous numbers as being 345,672 deaths, which is an increase of 12,915 from the previous year.

The death and murder of babies now make up 4 percent of the so-called services that they offer. These services they offer include medical tests to determine pregnancy. So when those numbers are removed their services of murder are much greater.

Planned Parenthood does not care about the person that they claim they are trying to help. Their doctors have been known to collect baby parts and keep them at their homes. Their death row doctors have also admitted to selling baby parts. It is all about the money for planned parenthood.

The annual report that they have released does not disclose the amount of money that they collect from killing babies. They claim that the reason why they do not disclose that figure is because of how people pay for their services. Truth be told they don’t want to lose any funding that they receive from the government.

Planned Parenthood may claim that they have helped 2.4 million patients but all they did was advise them to abort their babies. They want them murdered, so they can sell their body parts to the high bidder on the black market.

Planned Parenthood boasts that they help all sorts of people with a lot of different issues. As good as all of that may be and sound. It certainly does not make up for the murders that they are responsible for. Since their start in 1970 planned parenthood is estimated to have murdered 8.3 million babies.

At a time when there are not enough people to fill jobs, these 8.3 million souls would have made a great addition to society. But they never got the chance because selfish doctors and people decided that their own lives were more important than the smaller ones that never had a chance to survive.

The deceptive Democrats would love to see planned parenthood fully funded by the tax dollars of hardworking Americans. But the law prohibits such funding. President Trump and the Republicans hate Planned Parenthood for the people they have killed throughout the years.

They have received $616 million in funding from the government in 2018 and $563 million from the previous year. Even though the law prohibits such funding they are getting it somehow. President Trump is looking to stop this trend. Overall the company has revenue into the billions of dollars each year.

They do not need the funds. Except they are in it for the money. The doctors and staff of these clinics are earning money by killing people. They are acting like a dive by murder a kid take out restaurant.

Planned Parenthood is not about family planning. They are about killing babies and making money. They have made some changes to their leadership but their focus remains on the death of the innocent and the destruction of the family unit.

In one instance they had stated that “As we push forward our mission to deliver care in the year ahead, we will also be at the forefront of challenging unconstitutional laws whenever they are passed — just as we will continue to champion policies that give patients even more access to care, from codifying the right to abortion into state law to making it easier to get birth control.”

The problem with this statement is that just because a law was passed that says it’s ok to kill does not make it right. At the state level that is being proven where some states have made it illegal to kill babies while others are promoting it.

Marjorie Dannenfelser has stated that “Once again, Planned Parenthood’s numbers show abortion and profit are their top priorities.” She is the president of the Susan B. Anthony List which is a pro-life organization. They are making the case for life for the unborn. She is right in what she has stated about Planned Parenthood and their numbers prove it.