The Obamas Break Silence And Destroy Biden’s Campaign

There were a lot of recent issues when 2020 hopefuls took the stage during the first DNC debate. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris battle it out over Biden talking about his friendship and ability to sort things out with racists and segregationists.

This helped to remind a number of voters that it was Democrats who were the party of slavery. They fought against civil rights. They were the ones that created the Jim Crow laws.

They were the ones occupying the halls of Congress as the segregationists. Biden was their friend.

Biden actually went on record by applauding some of his close friendships with such senators as Thurmond, Eastland, and Talmage.

Many of these were seen as the most divisive segregationists in American history, including some being aligned with the KKK.

The Obamas Speak Out

Former First Lady Michelle Obama was asked to comment on Biden’s remarks, particularly regarding his affiliation with racists.

She responded that she had no comment. She further explained that she and Barack were going to support whoever ends up winning the 2020 primaries. Their goal is to watch the primary process play out.

By choosing not to comment, she also chose not to defend him against any racism claims.

Where does that leave Biden?

There are a number of questions surfacing now that the Obama’s have chosen to speak out, or rather not speak out. The Obama’s spent eight years with Joe Biden in the White House.

They had to have known and that he is a pro-segregationist, especially with comments from Biden saying that some of the segregationists called him “boy” or “son.”

This would indicate more than just the ability to get along – he got along with them because they shared similar views.

In 2016, Biden could have easily run for president. However, he was told to stand down, allowing Hillary Clinton to run.

By being told to stand down, it questions whether the Obama’s truly understood the level in which Biden leans towards segregation.

Obama has yet to endorse Biden. He is, essentially, choosing to stay out of the primaries altogether, which is even more evident with Michelle Obama’s comment.

While Biden claimed that he wanted to make it on his own at first, it could easily be fake propaganda in order to balance out the fact that he isn’t getting an endorsement from the president he served with for eight years.

Obama may not feel comfortable endorsing Biden because of some of the former VP’s comments. After all, Biden has made a number of unfortunate comments since announcing that he would be running for president.

However, even before then, he was known for speaking out in a way that earned him the nickname of “Creepy Joe.” It’s why he was seen as a silent figure next to Obama. It’s likely that there was a lot of, “I’ve got this one, Joe,” comments right before Obama spoke to the press.

Biden is a loose cannon. He doesn’t speak eloquently and he tends to misspeak on many occasions, including referencing the current British prime minister as Margaret Thatcher, someone who left office nearly 30 years ago.

It’s not uncommon for former presidents to provide an endorsement for a particular person. Generally, if their former VP is running, it’s an automatic endorsement.

Obama choosing not to endorse speaks volumes about Biden, whether Obama wants to say anything positive or negative. Obama isn’t going to endorse anyone, most likely out of being polite.

It would completely demolish Biden if Obama decided to endorse someone else. Rather than trying to get caught between the crosshairs, it’s easier for the former president to stay out of it entirely.

Michelle Obama, clearly, understands the job of president. She explains that a single tweet has the capability of starting a war, crushing an economy, or changing the future of our children.

She explains that it requires deep seriousness and focus as well as an understanding of history so that mistakes are not repeated. At no point does she say that Biden is capable of taking this on.

In order to use the Former First Lady’s words against her, it’s interesting to look at her explanation of what makes a good president. None of the current candidates are capable of the seriousness or focus required to take on the job, particularly because they lack the understanding of history.

Many of them don’t want to look back but only forward. Unfortunately, that’s what can lead to crashing economies and starting wars.

Without understanding what went wrong in history, any of the 2020 candidates could easily leave the country astray.