The Reason Trump Fired Independent Watchdog Before Handing Out Coronavirus Funds

One thing is for sure in all that is going on behind the scenes.  President Trump knows who is in the “Deep State.”  He knows who he can and who he can’t trust, and when Trump doesn’t trust someone, he removes them immediately.

When it comes to the $2 trillion stimulus package law, Trump acted quickly and removed the Pentagon watchdog, who was going to be in charge of the money.  Acting Pentagon watchdog Glenn Fine was removed from his position Monday.

As the move was made, Trump named the EPA inspector general the new Pentagon watchdog to oversee the funds.  Dwrena Allen, a spokeswoman for the Pentagon inspector general’s office, gave the confirmation stating, “Mr. Fine is no longer on the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee.  Fine will return to his Senate-confirmed post as principal deputy inspector general of the Pentagon.”

This is all a game of Chess at the moment, and Trump will no doubt call checkmate in the end.  Friday, Trump removed the intelligence community’s inspector general Michale Atkinson.  Atkinson was the notorious person who poorly handled the whistleblower’s report, which started the impeachment process for President Trump.

President Trump also went on the rampage calling out Health and Human Services Inspector General Christi Grimm, who delayed the process of supplying the country’s hospitals and sending out the test kits.

Trump sent out a tweet after the verbal attack on Grimm, stating, “Another Fake Dossier!”  He is pulling out all the stops when it comes to people who stand in the way of doing what is right.  Firing one, replacing another, hire this one, anything to get the job done!

As for Fine, he cannot be trusted with the money, and Trump knew it from the beginning. Any ties he sees with the deep state he is the scissors that will cut the thread from the spool.  He has full authority now to do so, and his targets are aiming at putting the country back on track.

With the removals from positons, Trump took a lot of heat from the inspector general of the Justice Department, Michael Horowitz.  He claims Atkinson handled everything appropriately with the whistleblower matter.

Horowitz stated after Trump took out Atkinson, “The Inspector General Community will continue to conduct aggressive, independent oversight of the agencies that we oversee.”

President Trump has the full support of his recent moves but says they would appreciate a complete explanation for his reasons for ousting Atkinson.  Does anyone really need an explanation?  The answer is no, but we all know the Democrat will use these moves against him as they are already plotting their next steps.

House Oversight Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney ripped into the President for “engaging in an assault against independent Inspectors General since last Friday in order to undermine oversight of his chaotic and deficient response to the coronavirus crisis.”  Here we go again!

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer added to the attacks by calling Trump’s moves “corrupt action.”  He stated Trump is working to sideline “honest and independent public servants because they are willing to speak truth to power and because he is so clearly afraid of strong oversight.”

What a joke!  The same person who threatens Supreme Court Justices and works with the “Wicked Witch of the West” Nancy Pelosi to falsely waste everyone’s time and tax dollars with an illegal impeachment which held no relevance.

There should be no need to ask dumb questions about why Trump does this or does that.  The deep state is the most corrupt organization within our nation’s capital, and they have exposed their corruption by trying to remove the President for doing his job.

As for the replacements, an official from the Trump administration confirmed, “Yesterday, the President nominated Mr. Jason Abend for the position of DoD Inspector General.  The same day, the President also designated Mr. Sean W. O’Donnell, who is the Environmental Protection Agency Inspector General (EPA IG), to serve as the Acting DoD IG in addition to his current duties at the EPA.”

Some are concerned if handling two jobs for O’Donnell is cut out for two posts in one.  Stan Meiburg, a 40-year regional EPA chief and member of the Environmental Protection Network, stated, “It is going to affect, probably adversely, the IG function of EPA.  DOD is a monster organization and will overwhelm the demands on an EPA IG. How anyone could do both jobs escapes me.”  For anyone concerned, President Trump knows his people!