The Riots Are No Longer About Justice, But Revenge

The riots have gotten out of hand. What started out as peaceful has led to not only the destruction of property but innocent lives have been lost. Police officers have died while defending the streets against the rioters – and yet, the riots continue to rage on throughout the streets across the country.

How many officers have already been shot? At least 12 have been shot, and several have died from those shots. The violence against police officers who aren’t corrupt and who have done nothing but to serve and protect has to stop.

People are angry. We get it. They don’t feel as though their voices are being heard regarding racism and with Black Lives Matter. The problem is that no one is talking. The only things they’re doing are committing random acts of destruction against police officers. It’s led to mass rioting, looting, and violence.

If no one is going to talk and demand that a symposium be held to move toward unity, then, what is the point of all of this? Is it revenge? Because if it’s revenge, it’s easy to say that they have more than gotten it.

Even the king of Babylonia, Hammurabi, would have seen it that justice has been served. He went down in history for being militant in his approach to crime. Hammurabi’s Code had the phrase “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” It ensures that anyone who commits an injury is punished in the same manner.

Let’s take a look. One man died at the hand of a corrupt cop. George Floyd died and people are angry. Well, justice has been served. The rioting has killed more than one cop at the hands of those who are seeking justice.

In the rage of all that’s going on, they don’t see the added divide they’re creating. They’re being hypocritical in their approach because they’re willing to create violence and death in order to be heard over another death. How is one death considered a sign of corruption while another death is considered just?

It’s not even about saying that black lives matter and white lives don’t. It’s no longer about race because the violence is affecting everyone. David Dorn was a retired St. Louis police captain who died when trying to protect a local pawnshop from looters. Dorn was a black man. Why did he deserve to die? He was shot in the torso, and his video was even caught on a Facebook Live video.

It’s not right.

How many officers need to die before the country is ready to step back and start a dialogue? 12? 50? 100? Because, at this point, we might need a number. Since no one is ready to talk, the looting continues – and that’s why it’s clear to say that it’s no longer about justice. It’s revenge, and it’s getting out of control.

The number of police officers that continue to get injured on the job while dealing with the looters grows every single day. And for those who say that the violence would go away if guns were outlawed, it’s not even about being shot.

An NYPD officer was stabbed in the neck. The unprovoked attack was simply because the NYPD has been targeted throughout many of the riots of the city.

Rioters have plowed through police officers and National Guard members in trucks and SUVs. They’re being targeted simply because they have the same job position as the man in Minnesota who killed George Floyd.

Imagine going after every food service worker in the country just because of being served a bad burger from one restaurant.

There can be no peace until everyone starts to explain why it is that they’re doing what they’re doing – and they have to start talking soon because people are dying daily as a result of what the protesters are doing.