Thousands vs. Hundreds…and Trump is Behind in the Polls?

The polls all across the country are showing that Biden is taking a lead – and in some states, it’s such an incredible lead that political analysts are left scratching their heads. The polls are wrong, and there’s really not much anyone can say to change minds.

The proof is found within the dueling events that Biden and Trump continue to have. In Florida, for example, both candidates were holding events on Thursday. Attendance levels varied dramatically. Thousands showed up to see Trump while only hundreds showed up to see Biden.

Packed crowd standing shoulder to shoulder here in Tampa. I’ve been to a bunch of pandemic-era Trump rallies over the last few months. Have never seen so few masks in a crowd this large. Usually it’s a mixed bag. Right now, hard to spot them.

— Monica Alba (@albamonica) October 29, 2020

All over the country, such things are being seen. Trump can draw countless times more in the crowds than Biden can. So, if that’s the case, why isn’t it showing that in the polls?

There are a few reasons.

One, not everyone is being polled. When the polls are conducted, they’re often polling people on websites – and Republicans don’t spend a lot of time on sites like ABC News and MSNBC. Additionally, they’re not picking up the phone or responding to texts in order to be counted in the polls. So, if the pollsters reach a higher percentage of Democrats than Republicans, the polls will be skewed in their favor.

Two, there aren’t enough people who want to speak up about voting for Trump. It’s not the “popular” opinion. So, if people are polled when they’re around co-workers, friends, or anyone else, they’re not going to speak openly.

Everyone is starting to notice the polls and how unreliable they seem to be. Suddenly, states that are almost always red are starting to show that Biden is taking the lead? Texas and Georgia are now being shown as swing states – and it’s setting the Dems up perfectly to contest the election – just as they did in 2016.

Rogan O’Handley, a lawyer, journalist, and civil rights activist tweeted a photo of Trump’s event in Florida. He added a comment about how the fake polls show Biden winning Florida, but the rally in “blue Tampa says a lot different.”

The fake polls say Biden is winning Florida, but the crowd at Trump’s rally today in blue Tampa says a lot different

— Rogan O’Handley 🇺🇸 (@DC_Draino) October 29, 2020

When Trump is able to gather such impressive crowds, where do the polls get off saying that Biden is winning? The people showing up at a trump rally are there because they want to support. They’ll do that by attending the event, registering to vote, and casting their vote for Trump.

So, is it possible that the polls are even more off than they were in 2016? Clinton was showing quite an impressive lead over Trump, too – and that didn’t end so well for her. It appears that enough Republicans aren’t getting polled – and that means that neither candidate should be depending on the polls to see how they’re doing in a particular state.

Meanwhile, Biden doesn’t seem to know what state he needs to focus on. Earlier in the week, he stated that if he can just win Georgia, he’ll win the whole thing. Then, in Coconut Creek, FL, he told the crowd that “It’s up to you. You hold the key.” He also reminded them that if Florida goes blue, it’s over.

I’m in the press pool area ahead of the campaign event with Former Vice President Joe Biden. Here’s another look at the cars at the drive-in rally in Coconut Creek. This is another stop for Biden in Broward. Former Pres Obama was in North Miami back on Saturday. @CBSMiami

— Ty Russell (@TRussellCBS4) October 29, 2020

About 200 cars here in Coconut Creek, Fla., ahead of Biden’s drive-in event.

— Ken Thomas (@KThomasDC) October 29, 2020

Biden may want to go ahead and plan for that. Florida voted blue in 2016 and they’ll do it again in 2020. And he shouldn’t get any big ideas about suddenly winning Texas, either. He’ll win the standard Democratic states like California and New York because they don’t know any better. But even in the states like Wisconsin and Michigan, there’s a good chance of those states turning blue because they’re disgusted and outraged by the choices made by Democratic leadership.

The polls are wrong, and the easiest way to figure that out is by looking at event attendance. Whenever Biden or Harris go anywhere, they get “tens” or “dozens” to show up, and if they’re lucky, they’ll get into the three digits. Meanwhile, Trump is getting thousands if not tens of thousands in some areas.

Crowd shot at end of drive-in rally:

— Kristina Wong 🇺🇸 (@kristina_wong) October 28, 2020

Voting red seems to be more popular than the Dems thought.

Thousands in Tampa watching @realDonaldTrump at what he’s calling a “Victory Rally” — Even Trump seems impressed with the turnout. He said even Ronald Reagan never drew crowds like this.

— Erik Waxler (@erikwaxler) October 29, 2020