Thugs Steal 150 Handguns and Rifles from Gun Store

Gun stores are the one place that hardened criminals would like to loot. For people that thrive on violence, it is an easy way to get ammunition and weapons that can be used for crime. One city in New Mexico was hit and hundreds of guns and ammunition were taken.

Law enforcement has opted to issue a reward to anyone with information that cracks the case. These people need to be held accountable for their actions. The weapons that were stolen are going to be used on people so material possessions can be stolen.

JCT Firearms was robbed and lost 115 handguns and 35 rifles. This is the largest heist so far this year in the region of the United States. Tom Mangas from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives stated, “That’s a tremendous amount of firepower in the hands of criminals. This is a priority for us.” This is a major safety issue because these weapons are going to be used in a whole host of criminal activity.

It is thought that the crime is not anyway related to the violent protests that have spread throughout the region. That is a major relief as the protests have turned violent with many people bring guns and other weapons to be used at the protests. In some other cities, gun stores have been broken into by the protestors. Which has police on high alert for gun-related violence and crime.

Law enforcement around the region are being asked by the detectives to be on high alert for any crime or stop that may reveal one of the stolen guns. Every serial number that has come up missing has been reported into the national database that records the numbers as stolen. Police around the country can then watch to see if a gun came from a certain area and they can then track it back to who had it first.

Most of the time the stolen guns are simply taken to Mexico where they are used by the drug cartels and other gangs that rule the northern regions. The interesting thing about this break-in is that the power to the building was cut which took down the security devices around the store. These thieves knew what they were doing.

The Democrats would love to see open borders. What they are fighting for would allow people like the ones that robbed the gun store to flow across the border without having to worry about being stopped for illegal activity.

The level of crime that would come out of Mexico would change the enjoyableness of living in the southern parts of the country. Americans living in the area would have to take serious safety measures to live in a crime-filled region if the Democrats had their way with the border.

The store owner took to social media to advertise their new inventory before the store was hit. This should serve as a warning to shop owners to not show the bulk of their goods online since thieves are watching and waiting for the right time to attack. The people that robbed the store were not common thieves which means they are most likely part of the drug cartels.

The drug lords at one time had guns handed to them by Barack Obama. With his careless attempt to track the guns to the drug lords themselves. But his illegal plan failed, and they ended up with thousands of guns to use for their little army. Obama is now under investigation for his role in arming the enemy. Mexico is looking for answers and who is responsible for criminal activity.

Gun theft is becoming a common occurrence in the southern region. Law enforcement officials work hard at reducing gun violence, but they go about it the wrong way. They try to buy back the guns from citizens that own and use them lawfully.

Instead, they need to focus on attacking the black market and cracking down on the weapons dealers that operate in the region. Disarming private citizens will only make it possible for an increase in violence to take place.