Trump Explores Executive Action For Gun Control

One example was following the Douglas high school shooting in Parkland, Florida. The Trump administration issued a rule per presidential request, tanning the sale and possession of devices referred to as “bump stocks,” allowing semi-automatic firearms to work like automatic weapons. The NRA opposed the rule, arguing that bans have rarely worked.

Trump isn’t the only one to discuss executive action, either. Plenty of past presidential hopefuls and current 2020 candidates have proposed executive action in order to enforce various details, including enforcing mandatory background checks for those purchasing guns as well as increasing fines for gun manufacturers who go around certain regulations. There have also been talks to create longer cool-off periods for those who buy guns as well as eliminating some of the loopholes that currently exist.

Trump is Working on a Solution

While Trump works with his administration behind the scenes in order to create a solution, he has addressed the nation to reaffirm his support for increasing the number of states with red-flag laws. It will make it easier for local officials to identify unstable individuals who should be prohibited from purchasing/owning firearms.

Trump took it a step further, too. He called for a cultural change that ends the “glorification of violence” that is taking place in the United States. He also urged the Justice Department to prioritize the death penalty as enforcement for those convicted of mass murder and hate crimes.

In the 10-minute address that he made on television on Monday morning, he talked about how today’s troubled youth celebrate violence. He’s calling for an immediate stop or substantial reduction to this. He has chosen to abandon some of the previous efforts regarding gun violence as a result of the mass shootings.

Barr, who is working closely with Trump on a solution, has been a long-time supporter of stricter gun laws. However, Trump is also treading a shaky line in order to avoid upsetting influential groups such as the NRA.

No one is looking to destroy the second amendment. However, something has to be done in order to prevent further mass shootings like those that took place over the weekend, killing more than 20 individuals.

Trump has also talked about working with social media companies on tools that could be used to identify radicalized individuals who could be planning a mass shooting or who are gloating about criminal activity. This would make it easier to red flag potential scenarios in order to cut them off before they actually take place.

In a way, the current political climate has left Trump no choice but to use his unilateral authority to address gun violence. Democrats want solutions and are doing nothing but blaming Trump.

Republicans want to make sure that the second amendment is kept intact. As such, it’s obvious that no compromise can be made within the Congress. As such, Trump has “tremendous respect” for the Atty. Gen. and will work closely with him in order to come up with a solution that helps to curb the ability for mentally ill people to obtain guns and to identify those who are planning criminal activities, including mass shootings.

Gun control is a hot topic right now in light of all of the mass shootings, and some form of executive action will need to take place.