Trump is Protecting Freedoms Causing Dems to Shake in Their Boots

The internal attacks from the Democratic Party as they incite riots around the nation are calling for a major response. For years, the Democrats have promoted the idea that racism exists in the United States.

They have brainwashed the minorities into believing that they are oppressed at the hands of the Republican Party. So now, anytime an event takes place that they can protest, they all take to the streets. Except for this time, the rage is fueled with hatred and that leads to violent actions against completely innocent people.

The vast majority of the country that has not gone insane has had enough of the violent attacks. President Trump has already stated that the military is going to be used in areas of the country where the Democratic governors refuse to take action.

The freedoms of Americans are at stake and the president is tasked with the job of protecting the freedoms from attacks outside the country and from within the country.

The Democrats have chosen the side of the terrorist attacks by stating that they will try and block funding for troop usage. Their liberal hatred of America has never been clearer. For them to block funds designated to protect freedoms is simply socialistic thinking. The violence has been growing for over a week and there is no end in sight.

Fires have destroyed businesses of the innocent and lives have been lost at the hands of violent thugs that have no thought as to what they are protesting about. They simply love violence and are going to participate in any way they can.

The president stated that he was “taking immediate presidential action to stop the violence and restore security and safety in America. I am mobilizing all available federal resources — civilian and military — to stop the rioting and looting.”

The Democrats would protest his decision even if it was another country trying to invade the United States. The spineless Chuck Schumer was quick to say that it is “blatantly unconstitutional” to do what the president wants to do.

Schumer needs to review the Constitution because the actions of the violent mobs are taking freedoms from people. They do not have the right to violently protest in this country. He maintains that the “Department of Defense Inspector General must launch an investigation into how the military is being used.”

The Democrats want to investigate the president at every turn. The president has the right to send in troops to stop the violence that is out of control. When the violent actions of people overrun law enforcement and the Nation Guard, it is time to put the military on full alert to stop the crimes from growing.

Adam Smith is a Democrat that stated and criticized the president for not calming racial tensions. He stated “Instead he used force to remove peaceful protestors to stage a photo opportunity. Instead of taking a moment of silence in front of the historic St John’s Episcopal Church to pray for the lives lost, he gathered his cronies to take a picture. Instead of doing the right thing, he once again did the absolute wrong thing.” Every Democrat has hatred brewing for the president.

First, it was the COVID-19 issue that drove the Democrats to fight against the president. And now it is the violence that they are siding with and criticizing the president for the way he is handling the problem. No one wants to turn brother against brother. But when the liberal side of the country is trying to destroy the nation it is time to quiet the liberal side with force.

They do not have the right to kill and attack innocent people because one person got out of control as a police officer. There are laws in place that must be observed to keep anarchy from rising. The vast majority of the country supports the president’s decision of using the military to stop the violence. The only ones that are standing in his way are the extreme liberals that are out in the streets performing violent acts against Americans.