Trump Lifts Sanctions and There’s a Permanent Cease-Fire From Turkey

Wednesday, President Donald Trump announced from the White House Turkey had contacted him and promised a cease-fire in Syria against the Kurds.  Upon hearing this news, the president announced he will lift the sanctions placed on Turkey after they attacked the Kurds earlier this month.  President Trump defended the decision he made to pull back troops and put them in other locations, including Iraq and other oil facilities in Syria.

President Trump made a comment, “We’re getting out! Let someone else fight over this long, blood-stained sand.  He assured everyone his decision to pull out of Syria was going to save thousands of Kurdish lives.  Turkey, Syria, and the Kurds have been fighting for centuries.  President Trump ended it all with one massive blow of sanctions placed on Turkey.

When President Trump pulled out the troops from the Syrian border, Turkey attacked the Kurds.  Upon disobeying Trump’s request, he had ordered the most onerous sanctions on the NATO ally.  With doing this, Turkey, within a few days of feeling the wrath of America, called to cease fire permanently.

Everyone criticized the president as soon as he made a move to pull American troops out.  During the president’s campaign, he promised to put an end to “endless wars.”  He stood proud and victorious as he announced he has fulfilled his promise for the region.  He stated, “The U.S. was only supposed to be in the region for thirty days.  That was ten years ago.” It is understandable to back up our allies. Still, we cannot place ourselves in senseless wars and fighting other country’s battles anymore.  This was the point President Trump was trying to make.  There are different ways of fighting countries without having our men and women overseas.  The president just proved his point.

The lead Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Michael McCaul of Texas, stated, “I am worried that a full withdrawal will create space for ISIS to regroup, grow and gain more strength.  We learned from President Obama’s reckless retreat from Iraq that power vacuums are exploited by America’s worst enemies. We do not want to repeat the same mistake. We must learn from history.”  This was one of the most relevant arguments.  It is something to worry about, but it worked.  Trump stated, “The job of our military is not to police the world.  Other nations must step up and do their fair share. Today’s breakthrough is a critical step in that direction.”

President Trump warned Turkey they must uphold their end of the bargain and hold true to their permanent cease-fire agreement or else he will place the sanctions on their country again.  It took halting on a trade deal of $100 billion and raising the tariffs on steel as high as 50%.  There were also sanctions placed on three senior Turkey officials, energy ministries, and Turkey’s defense.  It took the brain of a businessman and not a politician on how to cripple an opponent to make them bow down and listen.  That is why we love President Trump!

There is something else Democrats, and even some of the GOP who were nervous over did not look into to see the whole picture.  Turkey’s president Recep Tayipp Erdogan told President Trump he was going to attack and invade Northern Syria.  They wanted the Kurdish militants to be pushed back from the Syrian border.  This move actually saved American Soldiers’ lives who would have been in the crossfire of the attack.  There were approximately 1,000 troops pulled back and moved further into Syria by shifting to other American bases in the southern part of the country.

The United States was always stuck in the middle of this war because we are allies with Turkey and fought ISIS side by side with the Kurds.  Turkey and the Kurdish militants have been fighting a bloody battle for hundreds of years, and the Kurds are seen as terrorists by Turkish forces.

When the American troops pulled out, Democrats quickly jumped on the issue to make the president look bad.  They put down America by getting other of America’s allies not to view us as reliable partners.

President Trump announced, over 176,000 have been misplaced by the Turkish attack, and almost 500 Islamic State fighters escaped.  Trump stated, “There were a few that got out, a small number relatively speaking.  They’ve been largely recaptured.”  So here we have the only president in history to do what no one else has done before.  Put America first!