Trump Looking and Acting Like the “Commander and Chief”

My initial take was that this story was too impossible to believe. Was the United States honestly considering selling fighter jets to Turkey?

Not only fighter jets but reportedly F-35 fighter jets and there is more.

The root of this idea or the reasoning behind such a sale is hard to fathom and more curiously, whose idea was this, to begin with?

In any event, it certainly isn’t in the best interest of the United States and we aren’t necessarily bedfellows with Turkey either.

It is at times like these where we need leadership to step in and it is times like these why we choose capable strong leaders.

The President hasn’t had an abundance of stress in his role of Commander and Chief as we’ve encountered very little in his three years that has demanded military attention. This is a situation where we hope the President will step up and be that leader.

Not only did Trump do so, but he also did it with authoritative and definitive action. One report covering this story quoted the President as saying, “we are now telling Turkey … we’re not going to sell you the F-35 fighter jets… .” Those words were spoken according to that article, during a cabinet meeting.

Hopefully, amid those discussions, someone had the hindsight to inquire about the source of such an idea. The potential sale of fighter jets, as mentioned earlier, is only part of the story.

Our aforementioned story thoughtfully reminded us of some unsettling events roughly a decade ago. At that time the Turkish Air Force and the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Air Force were in joined training engagements.

Yes, that China, that threat and that recent of history and connection between the Red Army and Turkey. Trump, during his campaign, shared some of his philosophy if he were Commander and Chief. He stated that he didn’t think it was wise to inform the enemy of our plans, to always let everyone know what you are doing.

It is easy to see this snowballing into an advantage for the wrong side if there was a conflict. Having Russian missile technology in addition to our F-35 jets would give Turkey considerable tactical and strategical insights.

That sounds like an advantage we’d rather not give away and the President firmly made sure we didn’t.

It wasn’t even three years ago when CNBC mocked Trump when he said regarding ISIS, “…I don’t want to broadcast to the enemy exactly what my plan is… .”  The story stated that “…his secret ISIS plan is no plan at all… .”

As former military myself, I can tell you without a doubt that I’d much rather the enemy be in the dark about what I’m doing.

That includes training, tactics, plans and even technology. The less they know the better a position that puts me and my brothers and sisters in arms in.

Almost surprisingly too, this move to deny the sale of fighter jets to Turkey received strong bipartisan support. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised but this is the Democrats across the way and a great deal of distaste over there for our Commander and Chief.

So it was very encouraging for all of us to see both sides align when it came to a matter of national security.

There really wasn’t much question for Trump supporters about his ability to handle the business of the country, manage foreign affairs and his ability to get things done.

The only real question, as it is with most every non-military President, was his ability to function effectively in the role of Commander and Chief.

If this small sample of his decision-making ability in military matters is any indication, then he will be just fine. More importantly, so will the safety and defense of our country.

They thought the idea of not revealing your hand to the enemy was a silly idea but how silly does that seem now?

Pretty smart Mr. President and for the rest of us, we don’t mind if you keep our plans in the dark so we can remain that “shining city upon a hill.”