Trump Not Backing Down on Census

The responsible President Trump has been pushing for some time to have a question included on the census that would ask a person if they are a true citizen of the United States.

This question is one that any person that is not in the country illegally will want to answer. It is also a question that many deceptive Democrats and loony liberals do not want to see show up on the census document.

A level-headed citizen could only wonder why they would not want it to appear on the census.

The president is tired of people playing games. He is tired of people trying to change America to make illegal people feel good about breaking the laws and not caring enough to become a citizen the legal way.

The White House has stated that they are still fighting to get the question on the census. It is important for officials to know who is a citizen and which people need to go.

President Trump is going to move forward with it whether it is a popular idea.

A president is a person that is not afraid to do what is right when all others are willing to stand for what is wrong.

The president has written that “The News Reports about the Department of Commerce dropping its quest to put the Citizenship Question on the Census is incorrect or, to state it differently, FAKE! We are absolutely moving forward, as we must, because of the importance of the answer to this question.”

This is the way that will identify people that are not supposed to be in the country. This is the answer to the age-old question and debate that nobody really knows where they are all are.

But now the census will bring it all to the surface. This is the way to fix the county and deal with the illegal alien problem. People know this and those that are to gain the most from the illegals staying in the country are going to fight it to the very end because they don’t want to lose their power.

President Trump never told the Department of Commerce to drop the issue. He stated that he “asked the Department of Commerce and the Department of Justice to do whatever is necessary to bring this most vital of questions, ad this very important case, to a successful conclusion.”

It is important for there to be an accurate number taken of the population of the United States. The demonic Democrats just do not want to lose their votes in the elections.

Rustic Wilbur Ross makes that comment that the census document was going to be printed without the question on it. He also stated that he wanted to see that an accurate census was taken this year.

The issue then becomes how accurate the census will it be if half the numbers are from people that are not really legal residents of the nation.

Rustic Ross just contradicted his own belief and desire when he approved the printing of the document without the question.

Even if Rustic Ross printed the documents without the question then one needs to ask why is he wasting money. If the question is approved to be on the document, then the entire order will have to be reprinted at the expense of the taxpayers.

Rustic Ross needs to wait for clarification before he makes a decision that really is not for him to make. He needs the approval of the popular president.

The Democrats do not want to see the question appear because they love the illegal votes that they are getting at the ballot box. One can only wonder how many of the numbers that come in are from people that should not be voting.

How many level-headed lawmakers lost because of tainted numbers. One thing is sure to happen in 2020. President Trump will win a second term and the Democrats will lose big time because they have proven to the world that they cannot be trusted.

They cannot be left in control of a country that is the greatest in the world. They will only destroy what hard-working people have sacrificed to build.