Trump on Seattle: The “Ugly Anarchists Must be Stopped!”

The battle between the president and the Democrats has taken an amazing turn in President Trump’s favor over the past few days. President Trump has demanded that the state leaders take back the area that was overrun by the civilian terrorists.

They have no right to disrupt the normal flow of law order in the Seattle area. The terrorists are not interested in negotiations as they are calling for the police department to be dismantled. This would only allow groups of terrorists to march in and continue to overthrow the weak Democrats.

President Trump has already stated that if the Democrats at the state level are unable to do the right thing, then he will “take back” Seattle for the people. The terror that these “ugly anarchists” are doing to people is unacceptable.

The defiant and scared Democrats decided to snub their noses at the president and told him to leave them alone. The fact that this event was even possible shows how pathetic the Democrats have become at protecting the freedoms of Americans from terrorist groups like Antifa.

The pro-Antifa Democrats want these events to happen so they can blame them on the president. But the fact that they are defying his offer of help shows that they are the ones that do not care. Their refusal to take action simply strengthens the president’s grip on a White House win in November.

When the Democrats told the president to stay out of their “local” business they were saying that he was no right to interfere. But as the president he the duty to interfere to keep this from happening all over the country. He has the duty to protect Americans.

Seattle is a beautiful American city that has been at the mercy of the Democrats for a long time. The people that call Seattle home deserve more from their leaders than what they are getting out of them.

The minute that the terror started should have been the time that the National Guard was called in to hammer down on the violence coming from hateful people. The stupid move by the Democrats to remove the police from the protest zone allowed the violence to take place. This is the perfect picture of what will happen if the Democrats have their time in the White House.

The Mayor of Seattle is Jenny Durkan. She has refused any offers of help to get the city back under the control of the established government. When she decided pullback the police it set in motion the chaos that now exists. She rationalized her actions by saying it was

“to proactively de-escalate interactions between protestors and law enforcement.” But now she sees the true nature of anti-Americans and violent protesting. President Trump stated that she needed to take back the city immediately. But so far she has refused to take action because she is cowardly Democrat.

The president was told to hide in his bunker when protestors got close to the White House. But he refused to go and quickly put an end to the gathering crowd by removing them from the area. That action sparked a cry out from the Democrats who are now seeing why it is important to take action to stop violence before it gets too far out of hand.

The Democrats are proud of their violent regions. They hate the rule of law and order. The version of a free country is for everyone to bow to their wishes. The mayor of Seattle is not fit to lead the great people of Seattle. She is due for early retirement from politics. The people of Seattle deserve so much better than what they are getting from the liberals.

November is quickly approaching, and the country is going to remember the inability of the Democrats to anything beneficial for the country. They will remember the failures of the left to stop the violence.

And they will remember the refusal of the let to work with the president to stop the virus. The Republicans and the president are going to control the Washington landscape for the next four years and the country will explode with growth and prosperity as a result.