Trump Sends Big Surprise to ISIS Island

ISIS continues to be a major threat to the United States. Their cowardly ways have only brought terror to the world. They exist only to create trouble and cause pain, death, and suffering to the innocent people of the world.

Located on a tiny island near the Tigris river it has been confirmed that many of them are hiding for the worthless lives because they have a death contract on their head and the cashier is about to take them out.

The United States elite military has taken over 80,000 pounds of a birthday present bombs and air-delivered them to the ISIS terrorists. U.S. Command put out a news story that showed F-15’s and F-35’s bombing the island to rid the world of this worthless group of killers.

The news story had a video that went with it and shows the precision bombing that the pilots had when they delivered the 80,000 pounds of presents to ISIS.

Their little hideout was laid to dust when those bombs hit their targets. This act of bravery should remind the world that the United States should not be messed with.

If a terrorist country like Iran or others wants to challenge the nation, then they can expect to see this kind of response. They can lie awake each night wondering if an American elite team will come busting through the door.

The Iraqi Security forces also aided in the attack to help with cleanup and to provide reliable reports. This little island has long been a place where ISIS terrorists would move between camps and move around the world.

They could move between the Iraqi regions and into Syria without being detected. But no more. The camp has been demolished. No longer will ISIS be able to hide their sorry faces on the island. Their false sense of security and their worst fears came true as a hail storm of fire engulfed their murderous bodies.

After the bombing was finished there was only silence. The night waited for the ground forces to move in and report on the success of the mission.

This should stand as a warning to ISIS that the United States will find you and will annihilate you wherever you happen to be hiding. The latest offensive is another big step in bringing stability and freedom to people that have lived in warlike conditions for decades.

The final moments of the attacks came by ground as Iraqi forces moved in and dealt the death blow. Survivors were quickly extinguished like flames in a fire pit.

ISIS has nowhere to run now that their little hideout is gone and their stronghold is destroyed in Syria. The United States military at the command of President Trump has officially wiped them out. The survivors are fleeing for their lives, and they have nowhere to go.

American leaders are urging continued pressure on ISIS now that they are vulnerable and out in the open. ISIS may have a little fight left but it is starting to weaken. Soon the United States forces with the help of the Iraqi military will destroy the terrorist threat once and for all.

One Marine General stated, “We can all certainly be proud of the progress that has taken place since 2015 … in terms of clearing ISIS from Mosul, form Raqqa, from Fallujah and so forth, but we also know there is still a fairly vibrant insurgency that has reverted to guerrilla tactics, and so there is still a threat.”

The fact that they now have to do hit-and-run missions shows that their numbers are few. They no longer have an army but just a few bands of outlaws stealing supplies in their raids against towns.

Many of the ISIS members have stated that they plan on sneaking across the border and into the United States. This statement just proves that the president is right about securing the border. Terrorists are coming onto American soil in an attempt to kill United States citizens.

ISIS is a wicked terrorist group that uses any means of attack to kill people. This includes putting bombs on cows and sending the herd into the city and blowing them all up.

These are the kinds of people that the president wants to keep out of America.