Trump to Declassify 3 Documents that Will Destroy Obama’s Legacy

For many Democrats, Barack Obama was the greatest president ever to live. Yes, I’m completely serious here. Forget about Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, or even George Washington.

Apparently founding our nation, emancipating slaves, and uniting states that were once divided and at war are nothing in comparison to the legacy of the great Barack Obama.

That is until President Trump declassifies these three documents. After they become public knowledge, Obama may well be relegated to the trash bin.

Trump is currently in the process of getting three documents that, according to investigative journalist John Solomon, have “remained hidden from the public for far too long.” He also says that once they are made public, they will “fundamentally change the public’s understanding of history.”

So what could be so damning?

The first set of documents is about the purchase of Uranium One’s US assets by Rosatom, a Russian nuclear giant.

Uranium One is a mining company with which the US had used to acquire a certain number of assets. Rosatom wanted to purchase these assets in 2010. However, as they are a Russian nuclear company, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States or CFIUS would need to approve such a purchase.

At the time then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and eight other cabinet members made up the committee and were to determine if this and other similar purchases would affect the country’s national security.

As part of this determination, the FBI was conducting an investigation. However, the sale was approved by CFIUS before the investigation was finished. At the conclusion of the study, it was determined that the Russian company had been involved with bribery, kickbacks, and extortion, making the purchase an unsafe maneuver. However, it was already too late.

To further muddy the waters, it was found that Clinton and other leading cabinet officials had regularly allowed such decisions to be made by low-ranking aides and deputies, who were not always fully informed.

It is the hope of the current president that declassifying these documents will lead to a better understanding of what not to do in similar situations involving national security.

The second document includes correspondences to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei from Obama about the 2016 Washington-Tehran nuclear deal.

Obama’s administration is considered to be mostly “scandal-free,” however, what these correspondences imply is far from honorable.

In fact, they detail conversations between the former president and Iran’s Supreme Leader that directly contradict what the public was told about the nuclear deal between the two nations.

The treaty was understood to include that Iran would limit its production of nuclear-related energy and weapons if the US and other world leaders would lift sanctions on Iran that cut have crippled its economy. However, these documents provide a whole bevy of additional promises from each side.

Solomon said that a 2014 document revealed that “Obama promised Iran…could be restored to a nation ‘in good standing’ under the world’s nuclear non-proliferation treaty, even though US intelligence had corroborated an extensive weapons program that violated that treaty for years.”

In addition, there are at least three other letters to Khamenei from as far back as 2009 that have yet to be revealed.

President Trump withdrew America from the deal and its promises to Iran in 2016.

And the last and possibly most damning of documents to be declassified are the FBI’s notes on the investigation of Hillary Clinton and her use of classified emails.

During the 2016 election, Clinton was accused of using unsecured private servers to transmit classified emails in a way that violated federal law. These emails were thought to be an attempt to win the election unfairly.

The FBI was to investigate the situation and determine if they were, in fact, unlawful or not. However, before they could hardly even begin former FBI director James Comey, a known Clinton supporter, announced that they would not seek charges against her.

The evidence already gathered was then classified until now.

If these are allowed to go public, we may, in fact, learn the truth behind Clinton’s emails and just how involved they were with the Obama administration.

President Trump wants to finally give Washington and the American people the chance to fully understand these controversies and learn from them, instead of focusing on lies and fake news of the media.