Trump’s Aide Defends President’s Tweets

Marc Short, the chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence and former White House legislative affairs director, stood up for President Trump and his tweeting last week, among others who see it as a positive thing for the nation.  All week, critics put down the President for speaking his mind and telling it like it is.  Of course, this has been an ongoing issue since Trump took office. Still, all of his supporters understand and appreciate the Tweeting President.

Short spoke out in support of the President after Attorney General William Barr announced Trump’s tweets “make it impossible to do his job.”  Short said, “The President has been able to communicate directly with American people through social media.  The American people love him for it.  I think it is a very effective way for him to communicate with American people.”

When Barr commented on ABC News during an interview, Trump tweeted about the Roger Stone case, it was a “horrible and very unfair situation.”  That kind of frustration can only be felt by a President who has been mocked, ridiculed, accused falsely, and attacked from every corner of the Left.  Who can blame him for his posts?

The four prosecutors resigned in denial of the thought of Trump saying and Barr looking deeper into the case.  It shows they were wrong to stand by and go for a seven to nine-year prison sentence.  It was uncalled for, and Barr has every right to look into it.  Trump also has every right to speak his peace.

Short also defended Barr by saying, the DOJ was “bias.”  He added, “Barr is trying to correct it and acted independently.”

The outcome came as Stone received only 40 months behind bars in his sentencing.  The further along we go, we will notice more and more wrongs made right.  But why don’t people appreciate a good thing on Twitter?  Short is correct in saying we can hear and see what the President is doing for the American people.

Democrats want seclusion, and they work behind the scenes through deception.  President Trump has brought to light the corruption like no other leader in history has ever done.  It almost to the point, Democrats don’t know which way to turn.

A comment was made in a meme on Facebook, which can sum up everything about Trump and the Democrats.  The meme read, “It is like Trump came in a dark room and turned the light switch on, and all the cockroaches are scattering.”  This is precisely what we are witnessing today.

President Trump lets us know what is going on in our own country.  When the Democrats tried to catch him in something they thought he was doing wrong, the best answers came from Twitter.  Nothing is more exposing than social media today.  Everything the President does is out in the open, so how can anyone catch him doing wrong?

Just recently, he posted about the coal mining, which the Democrats hate.  “Mitch and I have made great progress. Coming back fast!”

Trump retweeted what the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell posted.  It stated, “#Kentucky’s treasured coal communities are a central part of our Commonwealth’s heritage. I am proud to stand with our coal miners and their families. Together, President Trump and I have ended Obama’s regulatory War on Coal. Now we’re doing all we can to repair the damage.”

Whether it is things of relevance or just funning around, Trump opens up the window to the White House and lets the world know what’s up with America.  McConnell, Graham, Cruz, Short, and so many others support the President’s tweets.

When it comes to Barr, Trump admitted to the people in an interview recapping what Barr said.  Trump stated, “I do make his job more difficult.”  Everyone who knows Trump and sees what he has gone through knows it is out of humanistic and frustration.

Top aides support the President, and so do “We the People.”  As long as Twitter is used for the greater good, there is nothing wrong with the President reaching out.

His tweets are also used for self-defense and a warning of what may be next to come.  Friday, Trump warned in a tweet, “Another misinformation campaign is being launched by Democrats in Congress saying that Russia prefers me to any of the Do-Nothing Democrat candidates who still have been unable to, after two weeks, count their votes in Iowa. Hoax number 7!” Keep on tweeting, Mr. President!