Trump’s Emergency Funding For Border Wall Blocked By Clinton-Appointed Judge

There’s a mess at the southern border of the United States and a border wall could help immensely. A border wall isn’t a new concept, either. Plenty of Democrats have talked about it for years. The only problem is that now, Pres. Trump is talking about how it can be beneficial. Since Trump is supporting it, the Democrats now want nothing to do with it.

Pres. Trump has requested emergency funding for the wall in order to build hundreds of miles of the wall in order to stop illegal immigration from flowing into the United States.

Judge David Briones is a Texas federal judge who recently ruled that Trump’s emergency funding is unlawful. This is the most recent roadblock in the administration’s attempt to get the wall in place.

Briones was appointed by Pres. Bill Clinton. The ruling on Friday states that Congress was clear on how much money Trump could spend on the construction of the border wall. Further, the ruling states that Trump’s emergency declaration to provide billions more to fund the wall is illegal.

This decision is a temporary victory for an organization out of El Paso County known as Order Network for Human Rights. They were the ones responsible for suing to stop the construction of the border wall, basing their lawsuit on Trump overstepping authority by spending more than what Congress had specifically appropriated.

The Trump administration immediately ridiculed the decision, identifying that judicial overreach continues to run rampant. The Trump administration will continue to fight so that borders can be secured. According to a statement from the Department of Homeland Security, the fight for the border wall will continue as a way to solve the humanitarian crisis that is currently at the southern border.

Trump built his initial presidential platform on the desire to build a wall. He has faced obstacle after obstacle in order to build hundreds of miles of wall – and Democrats everywhere don’t want to give him this victory, especially ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

According to Mark Morgan, the acting Commissioner of the Customs and Border Protection announced about 71 miles of new border wall has already been constructed. Further, there are plans to build approximately 450 miles more before the close of 2020.

Morgan also said that judicial activism is causing a number of problems in the country. He explained that the Trump administration has faced a variety of lawsuits from activist groups targeting the border wall as well as other policies that slow illegal immigration. Morgan talks about how Trump and the entire administration are getting creative with initiatives and regulations in order to take care of the immigration problem. He points the finger at Congress and their failure to act as the biggest problem.

The administration wants to deny green cards to immigrants who have used government benefits – something that immigrants should not have been able to do. However, federal judges have already struck down that plan.

The judge in Texas, Briones, did not issue an injunction right away. Instead, he is giving El Paso County and Border Network a little over one week to come up with what they propose an injunction to look like. Why a judge is giving this much power not only to a county government but also an activist group is questionable.

Many of the Democrats and activist groups want to blame Trump for trying to curb immigration. However, illegal immigration has been an issue in the country for decades. Many fail to remember that Obama had actually earned the reputation for being the “Deporter in Chief” because of the thousands of Mexicans he deported throughout his eight years in office. Trump is abiding by the laws that were already in place prior to getting into the office. Immigration can be allowed, but it has to follow the laws. Right now, there are too many activist groups who want to open borders and allow anyone to enter the country – and the country simply cannot support that legally or financially. There are ways to enter the country legally – and the Trump administration is simply trying to make sure that people are using those routes.

The wall is going to go up whether the activists like it or not. Whether El Paso County is in support of the wall or not, it’s already being built. This latest blockade from Judge Briones is being viewed as a minor setback. It just happens to be a Democrat who appointed the judge who is now standing in the way of a Republican president trying to do his job.