Trump’s Massive Influence in New Hampshire

The secret is out that President Trump is America’s all-time favorite president. People that were once skeptical are now joining the rest in their support for the one president that has defied all critics and beaten them at every turn.

The votes that President Trump received in the New Hampshire primary is proving to be record-setting. His campaign manager stated that with just 54 percent reporting, Trump had more votes than Obama, George W. Bush, and even Ronald Reagan.

Obama had 49,080 votes, Bush had 52,962 and Reagan had 65,033 votes when they won the state. But President Trump tops them all. Christ Sununu is the governor of New Hampshire, and he is predicting a major win for President Trump in a few short months. With so much attention on the reliability of the voting machines, it is easy to miss the numbers.

But Sununu has reassured everyone that they are prepared to deliver good reporting unlike what happened in Iowa. He stated that “I’m not trying to bash on Iowa, but we’re so different. We’re very proud of it. It’s not a tradition. I think it’s an earned responsibility and we hope to continue.”

They are different in that they were ready to count votes, unlike the Democrats in Iowa. President Trump is expected to sweep the state. Sununu stated that Bernie Sanders just does not have the “widespread or diverse” popularity that President Trump possesses. The Democrats are in for a world of hurt as they come to grips with the reality that they are going to lose big in November. The amount of people that are coming out to support the president is so much greater than any crowd gathering for the Democrats. It’s embarrassing for them.

The New Hampshire governor also was amazed at the number of people trying to converse with the president as he would dictate that “You can’t even touch him [Trump] when it comes to rallying a base and actually not just pandering, but talking and talking about successes for the middle class.” People just love him and want him as their president.

Sununu also lowered the boom on the Democrats as he would mention that people are not going to vote for people that they do not trust. Americans are tired of being lied to by the Democratic Party. The whole impeachment circus was the straw that killed any chance for them to win votes. Democratic voters are ashamed to even leave their homes and vote for a party that has embarrassed itself.

The Democratic candidates are not trustworthy. Even Bernie Sanders has been vague in many of the things that he is proposing. But everyone expects him to be a little off in the head anyway. So, the Democratic voters are willing to vote for a half-dead crazy man that any of the others because they are a bunch of half-witted liars.

Sununu stated that New Hampshire has prospered under the leadership of President Trump. His reforms have allowed the state to rise to the top with “the strongest economy in the Northeast.” All of this has come in the past three years.

Sununu also pointed out that this all means “More money for families, better quality life, higher wages, better job growth. Those are things that impact people’s pockets. And at the end of the day, a lot of people vote in the interests of themselves, their neighbors, and their communities.” New Hampshire is living proof that the Democrats are wrong when they claim President Trump is messing things up.

A vote for Bernie Sanders or any of the other Democrats will certainly mean the state will crumble. Bernie Sanders was well-loved by the state voting base in 2016. But it is not turning out that way this time.

He is only getting a fraction of what he got the first time around. People just do not love the Democrats any longer. They have turned into a party that is anti-American and cannot seem to work with other people any longer.