UPDATE: Trump and Student Loan Debt for Veterans

Once again the president is living up to his promises to support those that have served in the military and those that are currently serving. President Trump has signed an executive order that officially erases all the student loan debt for soldiers that have been permanently disabled.

The order also makes it so they do not have to pay any federal income taxes on the loans. There is no doubt that the president supports the troops and all those that have served. Back in 2016, he made it clear that he would support them and that is exactly what he is doing.

The president has stated, “The debt of these disabled veterans will be completely erased. That’s hundreds of millions of dollars of student loan debt for our disabled veterans that will be completely erased.”

Disabled military veterans have struggled for years to pay these debts off. When they first entered the military each solider had gotten some schooling done or was in the process when they were called to active duty.

But they returned injured and disabled and now struggle with the debt of student loans. President Trump has done what should have been done when they came home and erased their debt.

Not only has the president wiped out their debt, but he is also looking to make the processing burden-free. What this means is that he will see to it that the red tape is removed so the application process to have the federal loan debt wiped out is simple.

Many people will not apply to a governmental program if there is a lot of red tape to wade through. It would be easier to just not apply rather than go through the process of having to cut red tape.

Right now there are over 50,000 disabled veterans that qualify for the program. They would need to go through the application process to have their loans forgiven. The current program that veterans can use to wipe out their debt is extremely hard to apply for.

They have to have a VA service disability that equals 100 percent. Right now only a fifth of the people applies to the current program because it is too hard to get through the red tape.

The president saw to it to bring aboard Robert Cameron to oversee the student loan market. There are many factors that he watches but this is one of them. He also makes sure that applicants are taking steps to make full use of the loans that are supposed to be used in education. Those that abuse the program have a hard time getting approval to even have a loan. There have been some questionable actions from the student loan section of the government that requires a person to oversee the program.

Once again President Trump is making the system better. He is making it easier for the nation’s veterans to get the help they need to improve their lives. He is fixing a broken system that is just about ready to fail.

The national debt level for student loans is extremely high. So high that some experts expect the system to fall apart soon. But so far that has not happened. Many of the people with student loans are paying them back monthly. It is just a matter of time before they pay them off.

Many of the delirious Democratic candidates would love to see the $1.6 trillion student loan deficit wiped out completely. But that is just not an option. The people that borrowed the money must pay back their loans.

Except for those that have given their time and lives to defend the nation. Many of the socialist candidates want to alleviate people of their debt but that teaches them nothing about personal responsibility.

President Trump has the best intentions for the nation and the right plan for the future. All the other Democratic candidates have no plan at all except to destroy the country.

What the nation has right now is a truthful president that is acting in the best interests of the country and the people.