VIDEO: Spring Breakers Party on Despite COVID-19

The world is experiencing what happens to key locations of the world when a hurricane is getting ready to move through. People run to the stores and clean off the shelves and begin to get ready for the worst.

It is the moment after the storm where people stay home and out of the way of cleanup. But for people that are not accustomed to emergencies, it can be a mode of panic for them. But for people living in a place like Florida, life goes on. And it will be an example for the rest to follow.

People everywhere are being told to limit their activities and keep from getting together with friends. But so far many Floridians are still hitting the beaches and living life to its fullest. The sun is a major blessing for many, and it gives hope. Going to the beach is a great way to leave all the worries behind and just have fun.

President Trump has made it clear that there are guidelines that people need to follow to help keep the spread of the virus under control. For many going to the beach would certainly have violated the guidelines that have been set forth for people to follow.

For right now all groups that are greater than 10 people are being asked not to meet. But for people that are used to panic and disastrous situations, they know that life will go on.

Those that are going to the beach in Clearwater, Florida are showing that people do not have to panic or worry about things. They may be able to help contain in other areas. But people will need to learn that life does go on. It is still fine to have fun.

Many people are enjoying their spring breaks, and they are not afraid to show it. Photos of the beach showing hundreds if not thousands of people enjoying what they love to do.

Ron DeSantis has stated that communities have the power to decide what they shut down and what they allow people to do. They are also allowed to determine if beaches should remain open or not. One vacationer stated that “BUSY BEACH!

This is what @MyClearwater Beach looks like right now as spring break crowds flock to the sand.” Many judgmental people will feel that they are all nuts and should be in their homes. But that is not for them to decide.

Many communities all across the state are weighing their options. One concession attendant in Treasure Island, Florida stated that “There are people everywhere. The parking lot has been full since 9:30 this morning so it doesn’t seem like people are doing too much to avoid being out in public.”

People have to have an outlet for their panic and anxiety. Going to the beach is the best way to blow off stress and fear over what is going around the world.

There are some communities are closing beaches but like the governor has allowed it is up to the community. Dan Gelber who is the mayor of Miami Beach has closed many of their parks and beaches.

He stated that “We can’t become a Petri dish for a very dangerous virus.” They even shut down parking garages for visitors. He said that “The reason we did this was to send a message out: spring break is over.”

Many of those on the beach have already seen so many of their schools and events closed down. One beach attendee said that “I hope this is over and done with as soon as possible because everyone is just panicky and in panic mode and it’s just kinda crazy.” Everyone wants things to return to normal, but it will take time.

President Trump and Mike Pence are doing everything they can to put life back on track. The president has stated that the economy will return better than ever.

But it will take time. In other words, life will continue the way it has before. There will be lessons learned from everything which will help in case it happens again.