President Trump Promises Historic Tax Cut in Second Term

President Trump Promises Historic Tax Cut in Second Term

( – President Trump promised on Monday, October 5, that, if he’s re-elected next month, he’ll give Americans the biggest tax cut ever. Meanwhile, his Democrat challenger admits that, under him, the government will be taking more of everyone’s money.

One of Trump’s biggest achievements so far was the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the biggest reform of the tax code since the 1980s. Now, he wants to go even further. Possible features of his next taxation reboot could be lower rates of corporation tax, tax breaks for US businesses that bring jobs back from China and writing off deferred payroll taxes.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, who’s made a series of expensive campaign promises that need to be paid for somehow, has already admitted that he’d roll back most of Trump’s tax cuts. He also wants to raise corporation taxes from 21% – already among the highest in the world – to 28%. To Democrats, this is “making the rich pay their fair share.” In the real world, it takes jobs away from American workers and sends them to lower-tax countries.

Which tax plan do you want? Make your voice heard on November 3rd.

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