Voters From Iowa Give Their Opinions About President Trump

In Dubuque, Iowa, there are many questions as to what makes the voters vote for their chosen candidate.  Almost four years ago, President Trump was the Republican candidate running for President of the United States when his plane touched down in Iowa, and he delivered his speech, which turned many Democrats into Republicans that day.

Some fear that with the attacks between America and Iran, it may deter those same voters back to the Left side of the fence.  For others, especially the veterans, they are not worried about who they will vote for in the upcoming election this year.

November 2016, Donald Trump won over Dubuque County, which has not voted Republican since President Dwight Eisenhower won the election in 1956.  It was President Trump’s promise about the wars in the Middle East that turned Democrats’ heads to give him the win.

He told the crowd, “I’m the guy that didn’t want to go to war.  It’s just unjust, it’s a mess.  If I ever have to deploy the military anywhere, it would be so strong, so powerful that nobody is going to mess with us anymore.”  President Trump’s strategy is one many Republican voters are praising, but the Democrats in Iowa are watching.

The president’s success in Dubuque, Iowa, along with many other places like it, rely on counties, like these.  It is a county filled with the working class, white, Catholic, and union-friendly people.  Trump’s second term depends on whether or not these voters will continue to see the truth and turn away from the Democratic Party.

At the local American Legion, the talk around Dubuque is the conflict in Iran.  In 2016, President Trump sympathized with the veterans and those who had their kids fighting in the war from Iraq to Afghanistan.  President Trump was upset at the human cost of war as he still is today.

Veteran Mark Blume, who is a registered Democrat, says he votes for both Republicans and Democrats in the presidential elections.  He is a local contractor who stopped off at the American Legion for a beer after work and told reporters how he felt about President Trump.

He said, “All he’s been saying is, ‘We’re getting out of there, we’re getting out of there, we’re getting out of there.'”  He stated he did not vote in the 2016 election.  His uncertainty on how erratic Trump was caused him to decline to vote at all.  He said if it wasn’t for that, he would have voted for him.

Blume continued, “He’s putting those kids in harm’s way.  What he says and what he does are two different things, and that’s what I don’t like about him.”  The reporter from The New York Times stated, “In fact, Mr. Trump did not always oppose going to war with Iraq as he has insisted; he initially expressed support for it after the invasion began in 2003.”

At the time, we needed to get Sadam Hussein out of Iraq.  The war lasted much longer than expected with no exit strategy from Bush or Obama.  Overall, Mr. Blume admitted, “Trump has done a better than expected job as president.”

Many wonder what kind of Commander in Chief President Trump is full force if we were ever to have a full-blown out war.  We may never know because he has crushed the Islamic State, bombed Syria with the “Mother Bomb,” silencing them into a retreat, and recently took out Iran’s top general, who was also a notorious terrorist, with a drone strike.

Another National Guard veteran, Ray Harrington, said, “I just get heartsick with all this political tribalism.”  He was sick of the politics thrown into the mix of taking out Soleimani.  He said he was torn between the recent move, and he is a moderate Republican who fought in Afghanistan.  Harrington also said, there is part of him who wishes he could go and fight alongside our troops, “But I get concerned. My son’s 18. He’s draft age.”

Francis Shen of the University of Minnesota Law School stated about the war in the Middle East, “The parts of the country that have seen this war most intensely.  They were looking for someone who would end the damn wars.  And in Trump, they found someone who at least told them that’s what he would do.”

There are different feelings, and rightfully so, this is another war.  As for Mr. Blume, and others like him, they are considering voting for Trump 2020.