VP Mike Pence Hits the Campaign Trail for Republican Governer

Louisiana is excited about the visits from the special guest throughout the week as they will hold elections for the governor race on Saturday, October 12.  This past Saturday, Vice President Mike Pence met with Republican Senator Bill Cassidy in Kenner, Louisiana, to rally up support for the two Republican candidates running against Democrat Governor John Bell Edwards.

Monday, Donald Trump Jr. paid a visit to Lafayette, Louisiana, at the Lafayette Cajundome to rally up support for Republicans there and to pave the way to the big guest on Friday.  The day before the election, Louisiana will have none other than President Donald Trump going to Lake Charles, Louisiana to push for what he says, “Anyone but John Bell Edwards.”  Louisana feels the same way!

Vice President Pence and Senator Bill Cassidy tied the two upcoming elections together for the governor’s race this Saturday and for the 2020 Presidential Election.  Louisiana has two Republicans running against Democratic Governor John Bell Edwards.  Representative Ralph Abraham and Eddie Rispone will be the two candidates ready to knock the Democrat out of his seat.

Pence told the crowd Saturday, “Louisiana said yes to Trump in 2016, and we need Louisiana to send a Republican to the governor’s office and for Louisiana to vote for four more years of President Donald Trump.

It all starts here.  It all starts now.”  Governor Edwards is the only Democratic governor in the Deep South, and it is past time Louisiana replaces him.  None of the Republican Party members, including Trump and Pence, have or will endorse either of the GOP candidates.  Pence stated, just choose one or the other, “You have two great choices.”

When Senator Bill Cassidy introduced Pence, he stated, “(The 2020 presidential election) starts with this race.  It’s a harbinger.”  Mike Pence took the stage and said, “You can do your part to set the stage for a great victory next year when we give President Donald Trump four more years.  It all works together.”

In the beginning, both candidates spoke where Abraham stated, “We know the media is against (Trump and Pence).  They know that as Louisianians, we have their backs. It’s been an absolute honor to fight side by side with (Trump and Pence), making America great again. As your next governor, I look forward to working with Pence and Trump, making Louisiana win.”

Rispone stated, “We need someone like Trump to bring Louisiana with the rest of the country, a conservative, an outsider, a CEO; that’s what we need.  Louisiana has been run by special interests. I have one special interest: your children and grandchildren.”  Pence followed up the speeches with, “The time has come for every Republican to step up and step out and send a Republican governor to the state house.”

Tuesday afternoon, President Trump sent out a tweet stating, “REPUBLICANS of Louisiana, it is really important for you to go out and vote on October 12th for either Eddie Rispone or Ralph Abraham (both Great), which will lead to a runoff against….”  He continued, “A Nancy Pelosi/Chuck Schumer Democrat (John Bel Edwards), who does nothing but stymie all of the things we are doing to Make America Great Again. Don’t be fooled, John Bel Edwards will NEVER be for us. Early voting has already started!”

Every Conservative in Louisiana can claim Governor John Bell Edwards has done nothing for the state of Louisiana and can claim for a fact his campaign is nothing but a lie.  In his campaign ad, it states, “Gov. Edwards has a long record of working across the aisle at the state and federal level, guiding us through natural disasters and budget crises and giving teachers their first pay raise in 10 years.”

Governor Edwards has done nothing but raises taxes, lost jobs, has not fixed the roads, and he has not given teachers the raise they deserve.  The school system in Louisiana is almost last in the nation, and the economy has fallen since he took office.  He made it clear he was a strong Obama supporter and did not work with President Trump or the Republicans for the better of Louisiana, as his ad stated.

Just like a Democrat, he is a liar, and his campaign spokesman Eric Holl said, “He’ll keep putting Louisiana first in his second term.”  Louisiana can only hope Governor Edwards does not win.  Former President Obama was Edward’s idol and may destroy Louisiana just like Obama brought America to her knees.